9 Oral Sex Mistakes You May Be Making, Cuz It's Called A Job For A Reason

If there were a satisfaction guaranteed manual for sex, we'd all be reading it. Sex, especially oral sex, is different for so many people. There are so many different techniques and tips out there, that it can be overwhelming to go down on someone. And do we even have to discuss how intimate of a thing that is? I mean, you're all up in someone's crotch trying to make them cum. It doesn't get much closer than that. Though I believe that not every sexual technique works for everyone, I also believe that it's possible to make some big oral sex mistakes that can ruin everyone's good time.

It doesn't matter if you're going down on a guy or a girl, you've probably done a little bit of research. There's always a magazine listing at least half a dozen ways to perfect your oral technique, or an article with some diagram of things to trace with your tongue. But you don't need to create hieroglyphics with your mouth for some amazing oral sex. The more you think about it, especially in the moment, the harder it is to focus and enjoy the task. (Yes, you should enjoy both giving and receiving oral sex.) Just are there are mistakes to be made during intercourse, there are also mistakes to be made during oral. And correcting these mistaked will charge up your game and give you some confidence when you go down south. Stop trying to do some complicated maneuver in the bedroom and focus on correcting these nine mistakes during oral sex. It'll make your job (because oh man, it is totally a job) much easier.


You're Using Your Teeth

Just stop that right now. Unless your partner specifically asks you, there shouldn't be teeth near anyone's genitalia. I don't care if you're going down on a man or a woman, it's totally unacceptable. If you're struggling to keep the chompers at bay, use your top lip to buffer your teeth against your SO's genitlia.


You're Not Using Your Lips

We know that the tongue is super important in oral sex, but don't forget to use your lips, too. Light kisses feel amazing during oral, as does using your lips', ahem, suction power.


You're Getting Too Rhythmic

I once heard a story of someone falling asleep during oral sex because their partner was too rhythmic. This can happen to everyone, so make sure to change up the rhythm. Don't get stuck in one motion or movement. Not only does changing it up keep your partner on the edge, but too much of a similar movement can make it boring and feel more relaxing than arousing.


You're Being Quiet

Moaning during a blowjob? Hey, I hear it feels amazing for your partner. The same is true if you're giving oral sex to a woman. Making a little noise can cause sweet vibrations to your partner, but it can also turn them on knowing how into it you're getting. Trust me on this one.


You're Only Using Your Mouth

Come on. You've got two hands and ten fingers. They should be doing something. Touching, stroking, fingering — all of it works. And ladies, those breasts of yours? They're pretty powerful. Use them, too.


Not Varying The Speed

Too much slow tongue flicking and touching can make your partner lose it whereas too fast of the same can be too much. Vary the speed, slowing down to build your partner back up and then speeding it up when you're ready to throw them over the edge.


Trying To Deep Throat When You're Not Ready

If your partner's too big to deep throat or you just can't make it without gagging, just stop. Sure, your SO thinks it's sexy to hit the back of your throat, but they probably don't think it's too hot when you have to swallow back your own vomit. Don't push yourself.


Not Paying Attention To Your Partner

This one's huge. If you're not paying attention to your partner's cues, then why even give oral sex? You should be able to tell if a certain technique or movement is working for them and if it's not? Try something else. Pay attention to when they're about to cum, if they're really enjoying something, or what drives them the most crazy. The more you know, the better oral sex you'll give.


You Refuse To Kiss After Oral

It doesn't matter if you just received oral sex or gave it, you should be willing to kiss your partner, tongue and all. There's no more information needed on this one

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