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9 Hilariously Accurate Pregnancy Sex Memes

Every sex life is unique, and every pregnancy is different. So it's no surprise that pregnancy sex is never the same for any two people. One mom-to-be might find herself wanting sex than ever, but another pregnant woman may think, "I'll pass, thanks." With this in mind, there are a number of humorous pregnancy sex memes that prove it's a unique experieince for everyone involved.

Humor is a good response to this potentially fraught topic. A growing baby means major changes to your body and life overall, so it's understandable if the pregnancy leaves you feeling vulnerable and uncertain when it comes time for sex. On the other hand, if those developing curves make you feel like a sex goddess, then go for it. Basically, there are no wrong answers here. You just have to do what feels right for you.

In the meantime, maybe your sex life will be a little different than what you're used to. Sometimes you may need to call a time-out for a bathroom break, or even a quick snack. On some occasions, a partner who just lets you sleep is the sexiest person alive. Whatever the case, you can have a laugh as you navigate the weird and wonderful world of pregnancy sex.


Foreplay Reimagined

Exercise is sexy, right?


Bit Of An Exaggeration

In all seriousness, there are many pregnancy sex positions for the third trimester than can help you find your groove.


Dressing Sexy

Sure, maternity lingerie does exist, but sometimes your SO's old sweatshirt feels best.


Timing It Right

When you finally do get in the mood, that need to pee strikes yet again.



Sometimes the need for sleep is the greatest desire of all.


Maybe Next Trimester

Sure, the idea of super-hot sex when you're expecting is appealing. But the reality of morning sickness and exhaustion can make you question whether having pregnancy sex is in the cards for you at the moment.


When It's Good

Even when you do get it on with your SO, that need to eat is ever-present.


Fantasy Life

Why yes, Mr. Gosling, it is hard work indeed.


Keeping Fit

In this light, getting it on is basically the same as running a marathon. It's quite the workout.