9 Reasons You Should Try Having Sex In Public

by Autumn Jones

You never know when the urge will hit: while out on a hike, at a stroll through the farmer's market, late night in a dimly lit bar. What happens when the mood strikes, but you won't make it back to the bedroom for hours? Giving into your body on the spot is just one of the reasons you should try having sex in public. But trust me, there are plenty of them. As long as you and your partner are both willing and feel safe, getting busy somewhere other than your boudoir may be the tryst that you'll be bragging about for the rest of your life.

There's no shame in this game, in fact, The Los Angeles Times reported that people of all ages like having sex in public. Meaning everyone from college students to retirement community residents report doing the deed on park benches, pools, and cars. Additionally, a 2007 New York Magazine article shared the results of an Elle– survey, which found that 22 percent of Americans had done it in public at some point. If you're thinking of joining the ranks of this x-rated public action club, use these nine reasons you should try having sex in public as motivation to take the leap.


It Creates A Special Bond

Getting busy in wide open spaces may bring you closer to your partner than you realize. Not only will you share the unique experience of doing the deed in public, but your body will release oxytocin — the hormone that makes you experience more romantic feelings toward your partner, according to Health magazine.


It Allows You To Seize The Moment

Nothing's more satisfying than indulging your needs right now. So when the mood strikes and you're feeling brave, sneaking in a romp in a public place will satiate your need to live in the moment.


It Provides On-The-Spot Anxiety Relief

On your way to meet your SO's family and feeling a little overwhelmed? A little roadside romp could be the perfect remedy for anxious feelings. As the website for CNN pointed out, sex lowers stress and anxiety and boosts your mood with feel good hormones. Don't wait to find a room, pull over a have a quickie to squash those nerves and worries.


It Feels Risky

That rush you got sneaking out of your parent's house in high school is the same one you'll feel when getting busy in public. The risk of getting away with it can be just as thrilling as the risk of getting caught. And doing something that feels slightly dangerous can be a turn on.


It's For All Comfort Levels

For those who just don't want to risk the chance of being charged with indecent exposure, there's a way to get some public action without going full-on exhibitionist. Men's Health suggested you "use your backyard, go for a hike in dense woods, or find a hotel room with thin drapes."


It's A Novelty

Sometimes you just need a little something out of the ordinary to get your pulse racing. As The Los Angeles Times reported, people find the novelty of public sex an exciting change from the norms of their sex life, making it an enticing option.


It Gives You Bragging Rights

Consider this one of the biggest check marks on your sexcapades list. Rocking bodies in the wild is not something every person can drink to when playing "Never Have I Ever," so up your ante with the bragging rights to a public booty session.


It Fulfills A Fantasy

According to New York Magazine, it's not uncommon for people to fantasize about having sex in public. If your partner is willing, you can have the satisfaction of living out a fantasy you've been playing over in your mind for years.


You're An Adult

Sure, you know there's the chance you could be caught having sex in public, but you're an adult and capable of making your own decisions. Once you weigh the risks and the outcomes, if you still feel like it's something you want to do, there's no reason not to go for it.