9 Sexy Things To For A Pregnant Women On Valentine’s Day, To Make Her Totally Melt

Valentine's Day can be the sexiest day of the year. Well, unless your partner isn't feeling like her usual self because she's pregnant, vomiting, & bloated with feet three times their usual size. Then, it could just be another day for her to get through for her —or waddle through, as the case may be. As the partner of a pregnant woman, you may want to do everything in your power to make her happy, so here are nine sexy things you can do for a pregnant woman on Valentine's Day, and hopefully, you'll bring back that sexually-charged spark, even if it's just for a few hours. Note: results might be mixed.

Sexy, of course, can be in the eye of the beholder, but it could include many different things, from food gifts to back rubs. Even better? Foot rubs for their tired feet. Kind gestures at any point in her pregnancy (or really any point in the relationship) can be very sexy. There's never a bad time to bring flowers or jewelry, though this might not be the best time to indulge your own sexual fantasies with unsolicited lingerie or kinky sex toys. If you do try to get it on, remember that by the time she's spent all day growing that baby, doing the nasty with you may be furthest from her mind. Then again, with all those pregnancy hormones surging through her body, you may have a shot. Basically, follow her lead.

Some women say there's nothing sexier than the sight of their partner wielding a vacuum, so don't rule out a clean-house surprise for your Valentine. Or cook a dinner that isn't focused on prenatal nutrition. Whatever you do, approach it with a flexible mind and a sense of humor. Given that the "sexy" is quite possibly what got her into this pregnancy situation in the first place, if she's not feeling her best, she might not be up for it. But it's still worth a try!


Buy Her Granny Panties

And tell her she looks hot AF in them. There will be time soon enough when she might choose form over function, but right now, function (and comfort) wins.


Sprinkle Little Red Foil Hearts At The Base Of The Toilet

Since she may be vomiting all the time if she's in her first trimester or peeing all the time if it's her last trimester — or doing both during all those -mesters — the bathroom floor may be the only place she will see the romantic gesture.


Light Candles Around The Bedroom

But make sure they aren't too smelly because strong smells make her kind of nauseous these day.


Help Her Shave Her Legs

Towards the end, it's nearly impossible to bend over and shave. She may have high hopes of cleaning things up down there these days, but since that's nearly impossible, with a little help you can do it for her.


Ignore The Smelly Farts

If it happens, just smile at her like she's the most wonderful thing in the world (and then you can quietly open a window and talk about how romantic fresh air can be).


Buy Edible Underwear For Yourself

Edible underwear ($9, Amazon) comes in all sorts of flavors, including strawberry chocolate, passion fruit, and cherry. Buy several pairs because the truth is, she's pretty hungry these days and one just won't satisfy her. And the sexiest part? Letting her eat them straight out of the wrapper (not off your bod).


Make Some Chocolate Covered Strawberries

The berries are good for mama and the baby. But don't say the word "champagne" and whatever you do, don't buy that sparkling apple juice that pretends to be champagne. That may be satisfying to a 6-year-old, but a pregnant woman does not accept mocktails as a celebration.


Buy Her A Vibrator

At certain stages pregnant women are overflowing with hormones and pretty darn horny. The right "little toy" might be useful that night and might be a really nice thing for her to have around when she gets really needy and you're not there.


Let Her Sleep

The sexiest thing you can probably do for her is leave her alone. Sorry about that.

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