9 Signs You're Not Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions & It's Only Jan. 1

The New Year's resolution. A tradition that makes people feel motivated and inspired to be the best versions of themselves in the coming year. You feel committed to your promises the first week of January. But by February you lose a lot of steam, and by March you don't even remember what you resolved to do. Chances are, however, the signs you weren’t going to keep your New Year’s resolution were there all along.

If you're really hoping to make your New Year's resolution last this year, there are ways to set yourself up for success. If this really is going to be the year that you manage your stress, drink less alcohol and reach your goal weight, then more power to you. Set reasonable goals, chart out a schedule of achieving them, and come the start of 2017 you can feel like a superstar.

But many people aren’t so dedicated to the cause. Sure, you make the resolution because that's what everyone at the NYE party is chatting about, but you know in the back of your head that you're not going to put much effort into keeping it. If you're already thinking of ways to get out of staying true to your goal, chances are you're not even going to last through the end of the month, let alone the year. Here're some signs that you're definitely going to break your resolutions.


You've Been Curating Your Pinterest Dessert Board

If you pledged to eat healthier this year, but have been pinning cupcake and cookie recipes on the reg, chances are you're going eat a tray of brownies any day now.


You've Already Started Formulating Excuses

There are many reasons not to go to the gym: you overslept, your sports bras are all dirty, you have a minuscule cut on the bottom of your toe that will absolutely prevent you from running on the treadmill. You've been making a list of excuses, which means the extent of your exercise is going to be walking to the kitchen.


You're Re-wording Your Resolutions

Suddenly your promise to "eat healthy" has morphed into not eating candy has morphed into having a vegetable sometimes.


You've Gone From Six Resolutions To One

You rang in the New Year with a whole list of goals, but now you've decided to focus on just on. Yeah, we'll see how long that one lasts.


You've Started Binging On Four Multi-Season TV Shows

You made resolutions to learn a new skill, to travel, to read more. But instead of working on those goals, you've started binging multiple TV shows. You're committed to watching them now, so there goes all your extra time for taking classes.


You're Already Complaining

If you're already whining about the promises you made yourself, your resolutions are not long for this world.


You Shoved Your Christmas Decorations Into A Closet

Remember your resolution to be more organized? Well, look at how you put away your Christmas decorations. Did they just get thrown in a box and stuffed into a closet? Probably. But you're definitely going to clean your room...tomorrow.


You've Already Cancelled Plans Regarding Your Resolution

On Jan. 1, you marked your calendar with exciting things to do in the new year. But one by one they are disappearing off your iCal as you cancel them because something suddenly came up.


What Resolution?

When the clock struck midnight you said you'd be healthier, and that was the last you thought of it.

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