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9 Stores Open On Christmas Day, Because You Need A Last-Minute Gift (Or 2)

We can picture it already: presents have been opened, squeals of delight subdued, wrapping paper cleaned up, numerous cups of coffee consumed, when you realize Grandma will be over to visit in an hour and you completely forgot to get her a gift. You need to run to the store asap but, alas, it’s Christmas. What stores are even open on Christmas day?

Not Target or Walmart, we can tell you that for certain. And not a lot of other grocery stores either. Publix, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s can’t help you out. The truth is, most retailers go dark on Christmas day to give their staff a break and time to be home with their families. But before you go tearing your hair out trying to track down a sweet surcee to regift that grammy will love, take a deep breath and remember this: There are a few spots that unlock their doors for limited and even regular hours on Christmas Day. And, fortunately, they all have items that qualify as gifts. That’s right, if it’s a small token you’re after (pro tip: think sweet treat or food item) these stores can likely get you sorted before holiday humiliation sets in at the ring of the doorbell.



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Give Grandma the gift that keeps on giving, a Starbucks gift card. Or a couple bags of coffee. Or a sweet new mug. She’ll appreciate the thought and the fact that each time she caffeinates she’ll think of you. While hours may vary by location, a Starbucks spokesperson told, "We are happy to welcome customers on Christmas in select store locations."



God bless CVS. This one-stop-shop has it all: meds, snacks, and plenty of last minute gift items like hand warmers and cosmetic trays. Bonus points: All CVS locations that aren’t inside a Target are open year-round, though the company’s website suggests shoppers check their area store’s website “prior to leaving the house to confirm the location's hours.”



Joy to the world! Walgreens will be open regular hours on Christmas Day. Pharmacy hours vary by location, but all 24-hour locations will remain open 24 hours, according to a Walgreens media relations member. Whether it's wireless ear pods or cozy socks you're after, this store likely has tons of excellent stocking stuffers.



A favorite spot for road trippers, Sheetz has got it all: gas, food, tchotchkes, and branded T-shirts for their true fans. They're actually open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.



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7-Eleven was one if not the first retailers to operate 24 hours a day for 365 days a year beginning in the '60s, according to the Dallas Morning News. Naturally that means it's open on Christmas day, although its worth checking with your local store as franchisees have pushed back on that requirement in recent contract negotiations, the article reports.



You know what makes a really great present regardless of the recipient? A gift card. Speedway knows that, that's why they stock gift cards to places like Kohls, iTunes, GameStop and 300 other popular retail stores and restaurants. You can grab one even on Christmas day. Customer service reports that all Speedways should be open on Christmas, though hours may vary by location.


Family Dollar

The beauty of family dollar is they have something for everyone. In fact, you can get an entire basket of goodies in a pinch. Stores that are open on holidays typically operate abbreviated hours in order to accommodate customers shopping for their last-minute needs, says a Family Dollar spokesman.



Wawa is a beloved Northeast convenience chain store and it's accessibility is part of the reason shoppers stay so loyal. Wawas are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, according to its website, to answer all of your pit stop prayers.



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"As a pharmacy it's critical to provide customers with what they need, when they need it," says a Rite-Aid spokesman. "So certain stores will be open on Christmas day with limited hours." All the better to track down the perfect shade of nail polish in a hot minute.