9 Taylor Swift "Look What You Made Me Do" Costumes For Babies, Because Newborns Can Totally Stan For TS

If you want a topical pop culture reference for your baby's Halloween costume this year, why not look to the Queen of Pop? The Taylor Swift "Look What You Made Me Do" costumes for babies are fun, topical, and adorable. Seriously: there has never been a better time to dress your baby in leopard print.

Although the song made its own impact, the video for "Look What You Made Me Do" has quickly become the stuff of legend among dedicated Swifties and more casual fans alike. In just over four minutes, the video examines Swift's past feuds using zombies, graves, a car crash, a bathtub filled with diamonds, and a whole cast of previous Taylor incarnations. It's a bold, mesmerizing video filled with subtle digs at past boyfriends, other artists, and her critics in the media.

Without a doubt, the video — which has nearly 560,000,000 views at the time of this writing — will inspire tons of adult Halloween costumes this year. But with a little creativity, these looks can be interpreted for babies as well. Basically? Snake Queen Taylor is for everyone. Because so many looks can be created from the "Look What You Made Me Do" imagery alone, any other costume might like to be excluded from the narrative this year.


Diamond Bath Taylor Baby

You could always fill up the tub with real diamonds to recreate this look, but there are some low-key options as well. For instance, start with a bathtub baby suit ($20, Cafe Press). Add in a rhinestone infant headband ($15+, Etsy). Shower your baby in diamond baby teethers ($15, Amazon) to complete the look.


Snake Queen Baby

Even babies can dress as the snake queen herself. Use a red girls' dress ($14, Amazon) and baby snakeskin shoes ($25, Etsy). Give the baby a stuffed cobra plush ($20, Amazon) and go spill all the tea.


Cat Burglar Tay Baby

Taylor takes the whole crazy cat lady stereotype to another level, so why not let your baby revel in her amazing cat outfit for Halloween? Begin with a tiger face bodysuit ($20, Cafe Press). Add some red glitter baby shoes ($18, Etsy) and cat ear headbands ($2, Gymboree). Get ready to rage.


Squad Goals Baby

Sure, Taylor's squad in the "Look What You Made Me Do" video aren't portrayed in the most positive light. But your baby can still achieve squad goals. Begin with a squad ghouls baby shirt ($22, Etsy). Add in some baby cat pants ($20, My Own Place) and an I heart Taylor hat ($11, Cafe Press).


I Heart TS Baby

In a video filled with awesome outfits, these I Heart TS shirts stand out. Give your baby a similar look with an I Heart TS onesie ($20, Tee Shirt Palace) and some basic baby leggings ($11, Amazon). Finish off the look with a dashing sequined bow headband ($3, Etsy). If your baby suddenly recreates the entire dance sequence, film it and throw that on YouTube.


Reputation Taylor Baby

Taylor's latest incarnation is 100 percent fierce, but you can still interpret it in a baby-friendly way. An I Heart My Reputation onesie ($20, Cafe Press) and a fuzzy fleece jacket ($40, Magnetic Me) create a sweet spin on the iconic look.


Lucky Number Taylor Baby

Even casual Swift fans know about the singer's long-standing love for the number 13. In true form, she has the number 13 appear throughout the video for "Look What You Made Me Do," and it even shows up on the hand of one of the Taylors in the Taylor mountain. To pay homage to her favorite number, get a 13 infant onesie ($12, Etsy). Add in a flower baby headband ($7, Etsy) for a little extra flair.


Catty Taylor Baby

Use the leopard print — as well as the actual leopard — for inspiration here. A baby leopard costume ($16+, Amazon) and some retro baby sunglasses ($20, Bed, Bath, & Beyond) channel this vibe perfectly.


Ballerina Taylor Baby

The beloved ballerina from "Shake It Off" got to reprise her role in this video. To give your baby a similar dancer vibe, a baby ballerina tutu ($45, Etsy) and baby feather headband ($9, Etsy) pair together perfectly.

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