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9 Things $1.3 Billion Could Buy, Because You Could Still Win The Record Breaking Powerball Pot

It’s a brand new year, and while some are already working hard toward making sure 2016 is their most successful year yet, others are lining up for tickets for a faster route to riches. I’m talking about the upcoming Powerball drawing, which can earn you up to $1.3 billion if you've got the winning ticket this Wednesday. The jackpot started last November and has snowballed 19 times over, leading up to last Saturday’s $900 million Powerball, the largest drawing to date. That’s a serious load of cash. So what could you actually buy with $1.3 billion?

For comparison, the largest jackpot before this was $656,000,000 in March 2012's for Mega Millions. (Pocket change, right?) This recent jump into the billions will most certainly alter someone’s life dramatically.

All this jackpot talk has got me wondering what sorts of things you can even get with that kind of money. Sure, you might’ve daydreamed in the past of having that kind of moolah, but having it in your bank account (or across several places because that’s a lot of money to entrust in one single place) would surely be a different thing altogether. Maybe you’d hire yourself a bodyguard or two, as so-called friends and family (and even strangers) may harass you for your Powerball winnings. Or you might want to invest it in stocks and bonds or real estate (or all three). But if you think you’d rather just splurge it, here are some example of ways to spend, spend, spend.

You Could Get 17,333,333 Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats

That’s enough eco-friendly yoga mats to gift to every single person in the Netherlands and probably still have some left-over loaner mats for when folks forget to bring theirs to the gym.

... Or About 65,000,000 Tickets To Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Buy a ticket for everyone that hasn't seen it yet so they can discover how amazing this movie is. Then go see it again every day (with your friends) until they finally stop playing it in theatres. You could probably even just buy out all the tickets to a showing yourself to have a private screening!

4,642,857 Gift Boxes Of Amadei Sensazioni Super Fancy Chocolates

These uber-expensive chocolate boxes go for about $280 each, but check it out. They're crafted in Pontedera, Tuscany (which already sounds impressive, yes?) by the world's first female master chocolatier, Cecilia Tessieri. So really, it's kind of like eating feminist chocolate. Who could argue with that?

Roughly 13,000,000 Vintage Typewriters

You can totally buy a decent vintage typewriter for about $100 via Etsy or eBay. That’s enough to hand one over to every participant of NaNoWriMo for the next 40 years in the hopes of inadvertently inspiring the next four decades of best sellers.

A Zenvo ST-1

This Danish high-performance hypercar is mainly built by hand and has 1,104 horsepower (which is a lot from what I hear). It's also pretty damn cool looking and there's no chance in hell you'll ever lose it in the parking lot again.

1.3 Billion Cans of Goya Black Beans

Goya black beans are the lifeblood of many. You could probably buy out the entire stock of black beans in your entire state and then go on to serve them on the street to anyone who might be hungry for a protein-rich, vegetarian meal.

The Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors, who won last year's NBA Championships, are currently valued at $1.3 billion, meaning you could use your entire Powerball jackpot on purchasing the team. Stephan Curry fans, I'm sure y'all are on board with this.

931,899 Of These Christian Louboutin Booties

You could essentially wear a new pair of these amazing Christian Louboutin boots daily and still have hundreds of pairs left over after you’re dead to donate to several new generations of shoe-lovers.

And Finally, 866 DeepFlight Dragon Submarines

In case you ever wanted to start your own underwater exploration team, you could totally do it by purchasing more than 800 of these badass, hover-capable DeepFlight Dragon submarines.

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