9 Things You Should Not Do To Your Body If You're Having Sex Tonight

It's finally date night and you know how the night's going to end. Maybe it's an anniversary or the first night with a new partner. Whatever it is, you want to make the evening unforgettable. But one wrong move to your body can ruin the whole night. While you're getting ready, there are things you should not do to your body if you're having sex tonight.

Sometimes the things that you think are going to get you in the right mood will actually ruin it, like drinking. According to Huffpost, drinking decreases the ability to feel stimulation. I know I have had many nights where I drank too many glasses of wine, leaving me sound asleep once I hit the bed and that was not fun for anyone. If you know you're having sex, then you might want to watch what food you're eating, too. The last thing you want is that Indian food you had for lunch leaving you stuck in the bathroom while your partner sits anxiously on the couch. Don't forget about farting; a fart can kill the night fast.

There are so many ways to get turned on and surprisingly there are many ways to turn your body off, too. That's why, if you are having sex tonight, it's important to avoid some of these instant mood killers.


Eat Certain Foods

The last thing you want on a date night is to spend it in the bathroom. Our body thrives on food, but sometimes you don't know how your body is going to react to certain foods. Did you know that hot dogs are a terrible food you should avoid before sex? According to Jacqueline Richard, doctor of psychology and sex therapist, hot dogs are so high in saturated fat that it clogs the penile and vaginal arteries - now that can't be good!


Get Waxed

The release of Sex And The City changed everything for everyone. They showed us that being fully waxed was a sign for I'm getting laid tonight. Natalia Romanenko, a specialist at Strip Ministry of Waxing in NYC, says that you should wait 24 hours after getting waxed to participate in sexy time. Waxing expands your pores and waiting a day will help reduce the swelling and redness. After this, your pores should be back to their average size.


Take Prescription Drugs

My father, a chemistry teacher, always made sure my siblings and I stayed away from prescription drugs. He would talk about how the side effects will ruin your sex drive. Thanks for caring, dad. However, it turns out he was right. Director of sexual medicine at Alvarado Hospital, Irwin Goldstein, MD, tells Health, "Anti-depressants improve mood by raising serotonin. Unfortunately, that can also lower libido." The best thing to do is to talk to your doctor about finding the right medication for you.


Get A Spray Tan

If you are anything like me, the sun is not your friend. Luckily spray tanning is a wonderful way to give your skin a fresh glow. Unfortunately participating in any physical activity before a tan is fully dry will make a tan run, leaving stains on your sheets or even dyeing another person. It is advised to wait 12 hours before doing anything that will make you sweat. That includes, well, you know.


Drink Alcohol

Although alcohol may help us feel more aroused, the term whiskey d*ck is a real thing. Alcohol is known to be the biggest cause of erectile dysfunction in men. A research in the National Library of Medicine say, for women, alcohol affects their natural lubrication, making it more difficult for them to get wet. The more alcohol increases in the body, the more the brain decreases in the ability to feel stimulation, making it harder to achieve an orgasm.


Use An Electric Toothbrush

According to Tsippora Shainhouse, M.D., board-certified dermatologist in Beverly Hills, an electric toothbrush can cause tears in the gums making it easier to contract sores and STDs. Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea switching to a generic toothbrush.


Drink Too Much Caffeine

If you're tired and want something that will boost your energy for sex, you might think caffeine is the answer. But according to Roshini Rajapaska, MD, an assistant professor of medicine at the NYU School of Medicine, caffeine stresses adrenal glands (which produce the hormones we need to relax). This in turn causes anxiety, affecting your sex drive and leaving you "not in the mood."


Eat Anything With Menthol

This will make you think twice before popping in a breath mint. According to Anabolic Man, peppermint contains menthol which can lower testosterone. Be mindful when choosing your gum flavor.


Work Out Too Hard

Researchers at the University of North Carolina linked a high intensity work out to a lower libido. The studies show that those who trained at a lower intensity reported a higher libido than those who trained more vigorously. Although working out is a great way to boost your sex drive, going too hard at the gym will leave you too tired for bedroom fun.

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