9 Times Tina & Amy Gave Us Serious BFF Goals

If you've got a best friend, you've probably already decided which one of you is a Tina and which one of you is an Amy. Because if you haven't noticed, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are serious BFF goals.

The two funny ladies have known each other since the early '90s, and we've watched their careers explode through various movies, TV shows, and the holy grail of comedy, Saturday Night Live. But the two of them are more than just comediennes. They have helped pave the way for women in comedy, have proven that women have the power to do more than just look pretty, and are killing the "women hate each other" stereotype. Tina and Amy are supportive of each other, are vocal about how great they think the other one is, and never let their successes get to their heads. That's what we all want in a friend, right?

We want someone who is there for us when the chips are down, but we also want someone who is there when things are great, rooting us on, fist pumping us, and showing up with a bottle of champagne. I know how grateful I am for my best friend (PS. She's the Amy, I'm the Tina), and I can only imagine Tina and Amy feel the same way about each other. With their new movie Sisters releasing this Friday, Dec. 18, and their Saturday Night Live hosting gig the following night, it's time to celebrate our favorite duo and the nine times they gave us serious BFF goals.


That Time Tina Gave Her A Beauty Lesson

In a 2008 interview for Marie Claire, it was revealed that Tina gave Amy her first beauty lesson. Amy mentioned that Tina had given her a beauty lesson. "I was 22 or 23, and I had only recently learned that you can pluck your eyebrows or have a lady put hot wax on them and remove portions of them and shape them," Amy told the magazine. "So this was a big thing that happened to me, and I passed that information on to you." Fun fact: My high school BFF also accompanied me to get my eyebrows waxed for the first time. This is obviously a bestie activity.


That Time They Were The Hosts Of "Weekend Update"

Back when Saturday Night Live was funny and full of powerful estrogen, this duo was actually the first all-female hosts of Weekend Update and man, did they rock it. It was a great leap of feminism, sure, but it was also absolutely hilarious. So great in fact, the two were made into action figures to commemorate their hosting years. Boss.


Those Times They Hosted The Golden Globes

The BFFs hosted the awards show for three years, and while they've said that the 2015 show was the last one they'll host together, they still provided tons of funny material to reminisce upon. George Clooney actually called the two of them the best hosts of the show, despite the jokes they made at his expense. Their chemistry was so on point, that it made all of us want to jump into the TV and host alongside them.


That Time They Called Themselves Chosen Sisters

In an interview with POPSUGAR, Amy and Tina touched on the fact that neither of them have sisters, so they've become their own family. "I think that Tina and I are chosen sisters. I think we are chosen family," Amy said. How many times have I thought the same thing about my own BFF?


That Time Tina Included Amy In Her SAG Speech

When both Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were up for a SAG award in 2013, it was a close call as to who would take home the trophy. Tina won the award, but she made sure to include Amy in her speech. "I share this with my sweet friend Amy Poehler, whom I've known for so long," Tina said. "I've stolen so many of your moves. And I love you." Tina said. From the audience, Amy mouthed, "I love you" back to her. UGH. The cutest.


They Prefer To Brag On Each Other's Accomplishments

In an interview with Glamour, the two got to draw questions to ask each other. One question asked was, "What is the life accomplishment you are most proud of and why?" Amy suggested that the two of them share which accomplishment they were most proud of for their friend rather than talking about themselves. The two complimented each other and Amy finished up the interview by saying, "Please note that as we talk to each other, we're holding hands and we're touching feet. We're very close."


That Time They Hosted Their Own Gift Guide

In another stint with Glamour, the two shared a gift guide for the "people you don't know really well", and it's hilarious, of course. With an open gift catalog stuck to a dart board, the two throw darts to pick which gift their neighbor gets this year. Genius, right? How many times have my BFF and I wish we could host our own craft/talk show? All the time, that's what.


That Time They Professed Their Love To Each Other

I will never get tired of how supportive these two are of each other and how much they really want each other to succeed. Makes me want to call my bestie right now and tell her how great I think she is.


That Time They Said They Were Hosting 'SNL'

Yep. And we all lost our minds. The two are scheduled to co-host Saturday Night Live this Saturday, Dec. 19, and I'm ridiculously excited to see our favorite besties on screen and actually laugh during SNL again.

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