9 Tips From Men On How To Be A Hotter Kisser, In Case You Were Wondering

When was the last time you considered your kissing habits — some point in middle school? That's probably the last time most people wonder about whether or not they're a good kisser. However, this is one skill set you can keep improving throughout life. These tips from men on how to be a hotter kisser will have you seriously rethinking smooching.

When you consider the amount of time most people put into kissing, it makes sense to work on technique. In fact, the average person spends about two weeks of their life kissing, according to Times Union. Why not make those moments as magical as possible?

Instead of some signpost you rush past on the road to intercourse, explore kissing as its own destination. Feel how your partner reacts to your movements, and experiment. Slight changes in pressure and lip alignment can set off entirely different sensations. Why not play around for a bit to find what feels great for you and your partner? Depending on your moods, a kissing session may be soft and slight at some times, and borderline graphic at others. Slow down and pay attention to your partner's every reaction, and kissing may very well become the second-hottest activity you enjoy together.


Start Slowly

Sure, some situations call for immediate intensity. But in general, starting with a slow, gentle kiss is sexy, according to Sean Jameson at Your Tango. It's like you're telling him just enough so that he wants to hear the rest of the story.


Work A Little

Kissing is like having a conversation. Don't make him do all the work: be sure to commit and kiss back, according to Jeremy Nicholson on the website for Psychology Today. It's like stating your opinion on how you want to be kissed. Sexy, right?


Get Personal

Kissing is pretty personal in and of itself. But putting a bit of your personality into the kiss, whether you're feeling shy, flirty, or downright devilish, is very hot, according to the men of Reddit, as reported by Elite Daily. A bashful kiss can be powerful in its own way.


Have A Nibble

A little bite is hot. Gently suckling and nibbling your partner's lip can take a kiss into the stratosphere, according to Bhakti Paun Sharma of The Health Site. Just don't bite too hard (unless it's requested).


Kiss Outside The Lines

Go beyond the lips (but not too far). For instance, lots of men enjoy having their neck or shoulder kissed, according to a poll of 5,000 men on the website for Redbook. Explore until you find what works.


Show, Don't Tell

Sweet nothings are great and all, but sometimes touch is the best way to communicate. Showing your feelings with a kiss reinforces your message, according to a man named Danny on Thought Catalogue. Whether you're at the end of a great first date, or you're waking up with a longtime partner, these displays of affection are welcome most any time.



There's no need to go all in right away. Lean your head in as though you're about to kiss, then pull back slowly. Smile. Then kiss very gently and back away. You get the idea. (This tip was offered by a man who asked to remain anonymous).


Limit Lip Stuff

Sure, gloss and bold colors make for a sexy lip look. But some guys are wary of messy lipsticks or glosses, according to a poll of college guys on Her Campus. The ultra-sticky gloss may be better left off, although most everyone appreciates a soft, simple balm.


Close Your Eyes

When you think about it, kissing is pretty weird to see up-close. I mean, you may not want to see the parts of his mouth only a dental hygienist notices. So instead of getting an eyeful of dental work, close your eyes when you kiss, according to Frank Kobola via the website for Cosmopolitan. It forces you to focus on your other senses, which is very sexy.

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