Candace Ganger

9 Toddler Moments I Wish I Could Relive Over & Over Again

My youngest is growing up way too fast. He's quickly approaching his sixth birthday and, no, I'm not ready. A lot of parents brag about their kids and talk how adorable they are, but that's not what I'm doing. You guys, this is the truth: my son is the sweetest human on the planet. Sure, I'm biased, but others tend to agree. So, honestly, the fact that there are more than a few toddler moments I wish I could relive over and over again is anything but a surprise. After all, the time is passing too quickly, and I'm not ready for him to abandon his toddler-like tendencies. Actually, I wish I could manipulate time so I could experience some of his 2-year-old toddler moments forever.

It's no secret that the journey from my oldest daughter to my youngest son was a difficult one. While my daughter came easily after a typical pregnancy and delivery, my son didn't. He arrived after two pregnancy losses and a ridiculous amount of hope. So once he was in my arms we had an understanding — he'd remain adorable, and I'd remain completely captivated. This agreement has continued since our very first meeting, and I'm going to happily assume it will remain forever.

Every night, after I tuck both my son and my daughter into bed, I sit in our living room and reflect on the day. Even at times when I've felt challenged as a mother, or acutely aware that I didn't handle certain situations the way I should've, I always circle back to some of my favorite memories and sit with them for as long as possible. My son has never been one to leave me with a dull day, so with that, here's some of his best toddler moments I really want to relive as often as possible.

The Time My Son Hit His Head & Laughed

Once upon a time, when my boy was learning to stand by holding onto whatever he could grab, a coffee table betrayed him. As he went to stand he bumped his little head on the underside of the wood and, in the moments after, pouted his lip and started to cry. He did this until I slammed my fist onto the table and repeatedly proclaimed "bad table!" His tears turned into a ravenous laughter I'd never heard before, or since, and remains one of my favorite memories. It showcased his ability to bounce right back after something unpleasant, and is a true testament to his character.

Every Time My Son Complimented Me

Every single day my son says something witty or awe-inspiring. His favorite, however, is to compliment me at the strangest times and/or about the strangest things. For example, one time my son said, "I like your elbow." Most nights, though, he ends our bedtime routine by looking at me and saying, "You're beautiful, and cute, and pretty." Those are the times I want him to stay little forever.

The Times My Son Said "I Love You"

So, obviously I will never get tired of hearing the words "I love you," especially when they're said in my son's tiny voice. It melted me into a puddle the first time he could say it, and still does. So far, I do get to re-live this moment every day and I'm cool with that.

The Times I've Picked My Son Up From School

I still cling to the first day I picked my baby up from his first day of preschool. He'd been nervous and unsure, so when I dropped him off I cried. A lot. I remember counting down the seconds until I could go pick him up. When I did, it was the happiest I'd seen him, and in our embrace I could feel his relief. He was so happy I'd actually come back for him.

The Times We Played Dress-Up

The night of my daughter's Christmas performance at school, my toddler dressed up in his Woody costume from Toy Story (hat and all). He'd also only recently become obsessed with singing (conveniently), so I have this vivid memory of him excited and ready to sing "All About That Bass (Megan Trainor) on stage with his sister. He was heartbroken when it didn't happen, and it took days for him to recover from the school's betrayal. He'd never been more adorable than in that moment.

The Times My Son Asked Me Ridiculous Questions

Don't get me wrong — he still asks the most bizarre questions ("Which on is your favorite boobie?"), but when he first learned to talk his inquiries were ridiculously cute. When he was about 3, every single day he would ask me if I was his "real" mom. I don't know where he got it from, but I can still hear the innocence in his voice.

Basically, he could read my taxes and I'd probably swoon.

Our Movie Night

I've been doing movie nights with my daughter since her toddler years, but that first time we tried it with her little brother he was so confused as to what was happening. I made breakfast for dinner (at their request), gave them all the cuddly blankets, and let them stay up a little later. He was so young and still sat on the couch the entire length of the movie because he couldn't believe what was happening to him.

All The Times My Son Spent With His Father

Anytime I watch my son and his dad together, I try to ingrain the moments into my subconscious. When my boy was too small to walk, my partner would hold our son on a skateboard and help him "skate" down the driveway. Then there were the times my toddler wanted to "help," whether it was when my partner was shaving or doing a mundane chores. Seeing them do things together is everything to me.

OK, So Basically Every Single Day

Everyday isn't perfect, don't get me wrong. I fail, a lot, but for the most part, when I think back on the days I have spent with my son, my little guy generally tops the list for the reasons I felt like I did something right. If I could relive his entire life over and over again, I would.