9 Tricks To Staying Warm In Your Office When Your Boss Won't Turn Up The Heat

You’ve probably had that one boss that thinks 65 degrees is warm enough for an office, right? They put post-it notes on the thermostat saying "Do Not Touch,” and any time you mention being cold, they tell you to throw on a jacket. But you know what? That's not enough. You need more tricks to stay warm in your office because your boss thinks it's his own Fortress of Solitude.

But being in a cold office is more than uncomfortable. Studies have found that productivity decreases when you’re cold, and it’s especially true for women. Although many assume warmer temperatures make people sleepier and less focused, a cold office can lead to major distractions. Instead of focusing on your to-do list and tasks, you're trying to find ways to stay warm and wondering if it's professional to wear a Snuggie. A study from Cornell University found that when office temperatures were raised from 68 to 77 degrees, typing errors decreased by 44 percent and typing output increased by 150 percent. But if those statistics aren't enough to convince your boss to make the office a little less like an igloo, here are nine tricks to keep you warm while you work. These are all professional options and are subtle enough to keep you from looking like you're on an arctic expedition.


Get Moving

You could probably use a break from your computer anyway, right? ABC News noted that raising your core body temp is a great way to stay warm without breaking a sweat. So take a walk around the building, head up and down the stairs, or even do a few stretches right there at your desk.


Wear Layers

Your Snuggie's not exactly professional, but there are plenty of winter clothes that can keep you warm. Throw leggings on under your pants, get a cozy scarf, a cardigan, and even a hat to add layers to your body.


Enjoy A Hot Lunch Or Beverage

Skip the salad and opt for something hot, like soup, that you can wrap your hands around and feel the warmth. Hot beverages are always a good choice and you can also choose brown rice or other complex carbohydrates as they keep you warmer since they take longer to digest.


Upgrade Your Headphones In A Big Way

Since earmuffs aren't exactly office chic, try upgrading your headphones to a much larger size rather than your tiny buds. Try these Granvela cordless headphones ($16) to keep your tunes going and your ears warm. (And also to drone out all of the people complaining about the cold.)


Work In A Group Setting

If you're in your own cubicle, it might help to move into a conference room with others to complete some work. Bonus points if the room as windows, allowing you to soak up the sun's rays. Plus, a lack of social interaction can also make you feel colder according to one study. So have some coffee pot talk during your work day.


Keep Heated Slippers At Your Desk

You may not be able to get away with heated slippers if you have to head into a meeting or meet a client, but if you're at your desk, slip your feet into a pair. The ValueRays heated slippers ($45) are USB powered and a great pair to have in the office.


Get Yourself A Heated Seat Cushion

Once you've slipped on the heated slippers, turn up the heat on your desk chair's heated seat cushion. The Fellowes heat and soothe cushion ($23) also offers back support.


Wear Fingerless Gloves

Those hands are probably cold, especially while typing, so these fingerless USB-powered gloves ($10) are not only made of wool, but also heated. You'll want to wear them all the time.


Buy A Heated Keyboard

And if those gloves aren't enough, invested in a V8 Tools heated computer keyboard ($60). The product also claims to promote healthy circulation along with keeping those fingers nice and toasty.

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