9 TV Shows To Binge-Watch In January When It's Too Cold To Leave The House

New year, new television. The winter seasons of all your favorite shows are starting to return to our screens, and the excitement is palpable. If you want to get the most out of a new season of TV, you have to make sure you're caught up on all the previous episodes. So how can you be certain you haven't forgotten any essential details? Curl up with some shows to binge-watch in January so you’ll be caught up on what’s premiering this month.

For all intents and purposes, January is a month that should be spent watching television. It's cold, you're coming off of the busy holiday season, and you're trying to maintain that New Year's resolution to eat less junk food and spend less money on alcohol. There really is no reason to do anything other than binge-watch some quality programming.

In addition to all of the shows coming back to cable, there are also some Netflix originals that will hit the streaming service this month, which are just as exciting. And one old favorite adds its final season to Netflix, which is worth watching since there's nothing better than reconnecting with an old friend.

Go ahead — become a hermit. Spend the entire weekend in one pair of pajamas, snuggled up and binging on these 11 television shows. Come February you'll be up-to-date on all your stories, and ready to be social again (maybe.)


'New Girl'

New Girl Season 5 premieres on Fox Jan. 5 — the same day that Season 4 becomes available for streaming on Netflix. So before you start in the new episodes, refresh yourself on the quirky dynamic between Jess, her roommates, and her pal Cece — and the crazy development that occurred in the Season 4 finale.

Available on Netflix


'Downton Abbey'

Catch up on what's happening with the upstairs and downstairs folk of Downton Abbey before the series finale in March. Whether you watch for the drama, the accents or the 1920s wardrobe doesn't matter — just make sure to get involved before it's over.

Available on Amazon Prime


'Degrassi: The Next Class'

Degrassi is back! This Netflix original promises to be rife with the teen drama we expect of Degrassi: sex, drugs, popularity...making it perfect for binging.

Available on Netflix


'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend'

Here's something we can all relate to at least a little bit: being a crazy ex. Stream the first half of the first season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend before the show comes back for its second half on Jan. 25.

Available on Hulu Plus



The musical series is returning to ABC this month, so it's time to watch the first season. I can't promise that the songs won't be stuck in your head until April, but I can promise you'll see John Stamos in knight's armor, which is a fantasy come true.

Available on Hulu Plus


'The X-Files'

The X-Files has been around for over 20 years. If that's not a stamp of approval, than I don't know what is. The first episode of Season 10 will air on Jan. 24, so catch up on what's previously happened in this science fiction drama on Hulu or Amazon beforehand.

Available on Hulu Plus


'Parks And Recreation'

.The final season of Parks and Rec comes to Netflix Jan. 13. If you're already a hardcore fan, you know how exciting this is. And if you're not, then you've got seven seasons of stellar TV to look forward to. Even if you're a total April Ludgate, you'll won't be able to help but giggle.

Available on Netflix


'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia'

.Season 10 of this comedy classic will be available for streaming on Netflix on Jan. 5, with Season 11 premiering Jan. 6 on FX. Can you watch all of season 10 in just 24 hours? You can; I believe in you.

Available on Netflix


'Chelsea Does'

Fans of Chelsea Handler, rejoice! The funny girl has her own TV series coming to Netflix Jan 23. It's sure to be a laugh-out-loud, totally uncouth and wild, politically incorrect ride — so get ready to feel offended and enlightened all at the same time.

Available on Netflix



The Comedy Central series about a group of friends who don't really get the concept of work is back for another season. Catch up on their laziness this month while you revel in your own.

Available on Hulu Plus



For anyone who's ever lied about their age (including when you got that fake I.D. at 19), Younger is relatable, funny and charming. There's only one season to binge, a relatively minimal commitment that will be easy to finish before the series comes back to TV Land on Jan. 13.

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