9 TV Shows To Watch If You Love 'Making A Murderer' & Already Finished It

When it comes to the hit Netflix show Making a Murderer, I have more than a few questions, but two in particular come to mind right now. One, if you haven't watched it, then what are you waiting for? And two, what other crime shows like Making a Murderer can I fill my Netflix queues with till the next season?

It sounds totally bizarre to be obsessed with murders, crime, and the justice system, but the world totally is. The BBC aired the first crime show, Telecrime, back in 1938 and the world of crime shows and docu-series has only expanded since then. Fans of the genre love watching the crimes unfold, getting into the minds of criminals, and trying to figure out what happened before the episode ends.

Making a Murderer does all those things. It focuses on the alleged framing of an innocent man by police, and the way our justice system seems to unravel when law enforcement officials are considered the enemies. It is thrilling, eye-opening, and downright maddening as the show progresses with each episode, making all of us feel like lawyers on our own couch. But if you've already finished the show about Steven Avery and are looking to further exercise your own judicial proceedings, these nine crime shows are perfect for your next binge.


'The Jinx'

A six part docu-series from HBO, The Jinx focuses on a series of unsolved crimes and the one man suspected of them, Robert Durst. Speaking out for the first time, Durst cooperates fully with the investigation and the film, making it a must-see with lots of twists and never-before-seen footage.

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An addicting show from Oxygen, Snapped is a series with episodes focusing on murder cases where women are the accused. It's incredibly fascinating, terrifying, and features some high profile cases.

Available on Oxygen


'The First 48'

According to detectives, if there's not a lead in a homicide case within 48 hours, the chances of solving that case are cut in half. And The First 48 is the perfect show to prove just how harrowing and pressuring it can be to start off a case.

Available on A&E


'The Staircase'

Following the case of Michael Peterson, a novelist who was arraigned for the murder of his wife in 2001, The Staircase presents a lot of questions that makes you wonder if he really did it.

Available on iTunes.


'Cold Case Files'

Another favorite from A&E, Cold Case Files is a real-crime series where cases are reexamined after law enforcement hits a dead end in investigations. It's pretty compelling, especially when criminal psychology, previously silent witnesses, and modern forensic science make the difference in a cold case.

Available on A&E


'Crime 360'

Using incredible CGI effects, digital photography, and laser scanning, Crime 360 takes the audience on an in-depth look of investigations in homicide detective units across the country.


'Forensic Files'

Solving crimes with forensic detection, Forensic Files reminds you there's no such thing as a perfect crime. Coroners, law enforcement, medical examiners and more are all followed in this show as they recreate some baffling cases. If you found yourself shouting things like, "Where's the blood splatter?" during Making a Murderer, then you'll love this crime show.

Available on Hulu


'Dateline: Real Life Mysteries'

Like an updated version of Unsolved Mysteries, NBC's Dateline: Real Life Mysteries will keep you glued to the TV and feeling like you're the detective in a major whodunit.

Available on NBC News


'American Crime Story'

One show I am ridiculously excited for is FX's new series American Crime Story. Airing on Feb. 2, the first season will be called "The People v. O.J. Simpson" and will be an incredible miniseries on the trial of Simpson and how reasonable doubt came to win in the trial. Totally compelling and I can not wait to watch it.

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