These Tweets About 'Married At First Sight' Don't Hold Back

Married at First Sight airs every Tuesday on Lifetime, but Season 8 is already drawing to a close. After weeks of working on their relationships, the four central couples will be making their final decision about staying together (or not) in the next two weeks. Fans have been there every step of the way and they don't hold back when it comes to sharing their opinions in these 9 tweets about Married at First Sight.

"Doomed or Devoted," which airs Mar. 26, will be a last ditch effort for all four couples to work on their issues. But it's in Apr. 2's "The End or the Beginning" that decisions about the future will be made. Viewers saw each woman walk down the aisle to her respective new spouse, watched while they weathered honeymoon drama, and saw them try to adjust to life together. That means that they have a lot to say about Stephanie and AJ, Luke and Kate, Keith and Kristine, and Will and Jasmine. And fans have taken to Twitter to share those thoughts and opinions.

Some of these tweets celebrate the milestones certain couples have achieved, while others are quick to point out unhealthy behavior patterns that might affect decision day. A few just rely on the magical communicative power of gifs. But they all prove just how invested MAFS fans are in the series.

Keep On Survivin'

Kate and Luke's tumultuous relationship has fans actively rooting for the two to separate — with promises that they'll have Kate's back in the aftermath.


Luke's honeymoon words to Kate are going to live in infamy. No one wants to hear that they made their partner feel disgusted, and some fans feel their response would have been a lot more extreme than Kate's was.

Don't Sugarcoat It

AJ and Stephanie connected almost instantly, but it hasn't been all puppy dogs and rainbows. He has a short fuse that has caused trouble over the last few weeks. This fan believes it's a worrying sign that the show should pay more attention to.

No Tears Left To Cry

Kate hasn't been happy throughout her marriage to Luke, and it seems like she's also been keeping some of their issues to herself at his request. It may take the reunion special to bring everything to light.

Wine Please

Sometimes frustrating TV moments can only be helped with a generous pour of your favorite vintage.


Kate's friends popped by to listen to her worries about Luke and their concern was palpable. They clearly didn't appreciate how their pal was being treated, though they tried their best to be sensitive about it.


Perhaps it's not the best coping mechanism to nap instead of working on your brand new marriage, but at least Will is well-rested?

Call Miss Cleo

This Twitter user had a full rundown of predictions for the finale that basically amounted to everyone splitting up and probably doing some karaoke to "Single Ladies."

Progress Not Perfection

It may not have been smooth sailing for Kristine and Keith every step of the way, but they seem to have shown some genuine improvement over the weeks. At the very least, they might be ending decision day happily.

Anything could happen in the final two episodes of MAFS. Couples could stay together or split up; they could choose to work through their issues or wash their hands of a situation too difficult to deal with. The only way to find out is to stay tuned.