Valentine's Day Is The Ideal Time To Announce Your Engagement So Here's How

There is no holiday more romantic than Valentine's Day. Sure, it can get pretty cheesy... but who doesn't love an excuse to give some extra love to their significant other, and maybe get a little spoiled in return? For some couples, it's the perfect day to show a lot of extra love — with a big question and a ring. After you say yes, it's time to fill in your friends and family. These nine Valentine's Day engagement announcement ideas are clever and festive ways to tell the world your exciting news while embracing the spirit of the holiday.

I'm a big sucker for sweet announcement photos, whether you're announcing an engagement, a pregnancy, a move, a new job... whatever. I like the big, flashy, elaborate announcements as much as the subtle, scroll-too-fast-and-you-miss-it announcements. I've included both types on this list. Whether you want to scream your happy news to the world with streamers, balloons, and confetti or coyly display your new ring without another word, the choice is yours. If you've gotten engaged or have chosen to share the news on February 14, however, I must implore you... embrace the holiday in your announcement, in all its sappy glory. It's simply too good to pass up. Happy Valentine's Day, and congratulations!


Candy Hearts

Arina P Habich/Shutterstock

Nothing says Valentine's Day like those boxes of multicolored candy hearts. Pick a few that say particularly sweet sentiments (bonus points if you can find one that says "Marry me") and scatter them across a surface. Add your engagement ring to the mix, and voila!


Balloon Overload

It seems like everyone is announcing things with balloons these days, and I'm here for it. Grab a massive selection of cheesy Valentine's Day themed and/or red and pink balloons, (or even some gold letter balloons spelling out "Yes" or "MR. & MRS"). Snap a few photos with your sweetie, and you've got an adorable, festive way to tell the world you're engaged.


Bling And Bouquets


Red roses are the ultimate symbol of Valentine's Day. Pick up a rose (or a dozen) and hold them so your new engagement ring is showing. Take a picture with the ring in focus, and add a sweet caption like, "My forever Valentine."


Ring In A Chocolate Box

Everyone loves receiving a heart-shaped box of chocolates, but it's even better with some rock candy inside. Take out a few pieces of chocolate, and nestle the ring box inside, within the chocolate. Take a photo of your improved box of chocolates, and wait to see who spots the ring first!


Lipstick Kisses


If your partner is OK getting a little messy, this announcement is perfect for you. Apply some festive red lipstick, and cover their face in lipstick kisses. Then touch up your lipstick, and take a few lovey dovey pictures together (with your new ring showing, of course). Complete the adorable picture with a caption that says something like, "If you couldn't guess, I said YES!"


Paper Hearts

Cut out a big heart in a sheet of pink or red construction paper, and take a few delightfully sappy couple pictures posing with it. If you can get your ring in the picture, even better! Then, add a caption along the lines of, "I asked him to be my Valentine. He asked me to be his wife."


Valentine's Day Card

Valentine's Day is the day for romantic love notes, and what better way to announce your engagement? Take a photo of the two of you together, holding a festive envelope that says "To the future Mrs. ____." I don't know about you, but I can't think of a more romantic card to receive.


Say It With Cupcakes

Ruth Black/Shutterstock

Any grocery store with a bakery will have photo-worthy Valentine's Day baked goods on February 14. Pick up a few themed cupcakes and you've got an easy way to make your announcement. Slide off your engagement ring and stick it in the cupcake frosting to make the world's best (and most expensive) cupcake decoration. Snap a photo and add a caption like, "The sweetest surprise."


Keep It Simple

You don't need to announce your engagement with flowers, balloons, or chocolate. After all, simply announcing an engagement on Valentine's Day is the most Valentine-y thing you can do. A sweet photo of you and your love, with the caption "We're engaged" is simple and lovely.