9 Ways Every Grown-Ass Man Helps With Morning Sickness

Pregnancy is such an exciting time, but it doesn't come without its woes; constipation, swelling, insomnia and of course, the always dreaded, morning sickness. Women suffering from morning sickness often feel completely helpless and at the mercy of their constant nausea. I mean, no matter what you or your partner do in an effort to combat every unrelenting wave of queasiness, you're headed for the bathroom. Still, there are ways to help moms suffering from morning sickness that every grown-ass man should be willing to do; things that, while probably incapable of actually "curing" morning sickness, will at least make the overall situation a little less awful.

Pregnancy is tough on a woman's body, in a way that no one could every possibly comprehend unless they've been through it before. If you're a cisgender male who cannot or has not experienced gestation and the seemingly endless side effects, you can feel helpless to understand, sympathize and even assist your pregnant partner as they go through their trimesters. I mean, you really have no clue what it feels like to have your body hijacked by another person. This is especially true when your pregnant partner is suffering from morning sickness, because when the nausea hits, all bets are off and she really has no control over what her body does at that point. It's super fun and awesome (insert sarcastic eye-roll here), and it can make you hate being pregnant.

Though there are plenty of morning sickness remedies and foods that combat nausea during pregnancy to help sooth your morning sickness, one of your best aids during such an uncomfortable time really and truly is, your partner. So, if your partner is a grown-ass man who wants to know how he can help, make sure he takes notes on the following nine ways he can make your morning sickness somewhat manageable.

He Keeps The House Clean

Keeping a house clean probably won't quell your nausea, but it might help to make you feel less useless, which is a common feeling among many women plagued with severe morning sickness. If your house is clean and orderly, you'll be more likely to chill out and relax; something you should be doing a lot of if you're sick all the time. So, if your partner wants to help, he can make sure that he keeps the housework at bay. Keeping the laundry washed and folded, and the dishes clean may not typically seem heroic to you, but if when you're sick all day every day, having a clean house can work wonders on your mental and emotional wellbeing.

He Prepares Meals

Not only can he do the cooking (or the ordering), but he can also make sure that whatever is on the menu is something that you're going to be able to tolerate (because the list of things that might disagree with you when you've got morning sickness is a long one). Even if that means he has to eat cheese and crackers with ginger ale for supper, he's willing to do so if it makes you feel better.

He Rids The House Of Any And All Possible Aversions

When you're pregnant, your body can sometimes play cruel and unusual pranks on you. For example: maybe you have a cinnamon-scented candle that you usually love, but for some reason it's one of those smells that make your morning sickness worse, and every time you get a whiff of it you gag. Maybe you typically love a little chocolate treat after your supper, but now that you're suffering from morning sickness, that little treat becomes more of a trick as it sends you running into the bathroom while holding your hand over your mouth. Shit gets weird when you're pregnant so, if you've developed any odd aversions, your partner can do a sweep of your apartment to remove any possible triggers that might set your sickness off.

He Runs All The Errands

Unless you're willing to drive around with a barf bucket in your car (confession: I have), you're going to want your partner to run any errands you may have. If bills need to be paid, or groceries need to be bought, let him take on that responsibility for you. Throwing up in a car is not only gross, but it's also dangerous, so just avoid that scenario all together by letting your partner take over the errands.

He Keeps The House Stocked With The Foods And Drinks That Don't Make You Sick

If all you can keep down is watermelon and some specific brand of soda, your partner will make sure that your house is fully stocked with both. Of course, you've got to get certain nutrients in for the sake of the health of both you and your baby, but it's better to keep something down than nothing at all. If your partner could just make sure that you've always got the calories you can keep down on hand, the two of you can work on expanding that menu once your nausea subsides.

He Calls The Doctor If He Needs To

Morning sickness is a normal part of many pregnancies, but if it's severe it can lead to being malnourished or dehydrated, both of which are not good for a pregnant woman or her baby. If you go too long without the nutrition you need, you may end up being hospitalized for monitoring. A good way to avoid this is to recognize the signs that you're not getting the nutrition you need. If your partner notices signs of you overheating, seem weaker than usual, are a little disoriented, or sees any other signs of dehydration he should call your doctor for assistance, whether you tell him to or not.

He Contains His Own Sympathetic Vomiting When You're Sick

It's safe to say that no one enjoys vomiting (or hearing, seeing, or smelling the results of it). This can be hard on a woman suffering from morning sickness for sure, but it's also a little nauseating for their partners, too. Don't expect a woman that spends hours upon hours a day trying not to throw up, to feel empathy for a sympathetic vomiter though. This is the time for her partner to soldier through his own nausea for the sake of the woman carrying his child. Honestly, it's the least he can do.

He's There For You When You Need Him Most

Sometimes you just need someone to hold you through the discomfort, to play with your hair or rub your back, and to tell you that they're there for you. It's just good to know that your partner has got your back. Even though he can't physically take away your discomfort, he can still bring you water and crackers, and watch your cheesy shows with you and not make fun of you for it. Anything your partner can do to take your mind of the nausea and the vomit, he should be doing.

He Lets You Rest

Basically, this entire list leads up to this one point: if your partner is a grown-ass man, he's willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that you're taken care of and able to rest. When you're suffering through severe morning sickness, the only time when you don't feel sick is when you're sleeping, so the more rest you're able to get, the better off you are. If that means that you partner has to take over all of the housework, all the cooking and cleaning, if he has to run errands or rub your feet or be your nurse when you need one, he's willing to do so without question.

You may not both be physically pregnant, but it took both of you to make it this far, so you can both get through it together.