9 Ways To Know Your Partner Is Your Soulmate, According To Science

You've heard about soulmates your whole life, but always in a poetic, literary sense, right? People tell you that "you'll just know" when you've met your soulmate, and they argue that it's not something that can be explained by anything logical. Although I'm a true romantic at heart and have a tendency to believe in serendipity and fate, I have to disagree. There are some scientific ways to know your partner is your soulmate.

I know, who wants to argue logic and science when talking about love? But imagine if you could feel even more certain in your gut that the person that makes your heart beat wildly actually is your one and only. With certain hormones being released when you see the person you're in love with,and physical changes to your body making you feel like you're floating on a cloud, it's easy to decipher if someone is the one.

Obviously, if you have any of your own doubts on whether or not someone is your soulmate or you're looking for something different in a partner, then these scientific reasons don't matter. But if everything is good, everything feels right, then take a look at these nine ways, according to science, that your SO is your soulmate. No test tubes required.


Your Entire Body Is Triggered With Sensations

Meeting your soulmate gives you butterflies in your stomach and a racing heart, right? You're not alone. A team of scientists in Finland asked people to map where they felt certain emotions on their body, and across several cultures, the results were the same. Feelings of love triggered sensations across almost the entire body, with most of the sensations centering in the chest and torso. So when you feel that warming, physical impression all over your body, your boo might be the one.


You See Your SO As Completing Yourself

Scientific America notes that falling in love triggers seven active regions in the brain and gives you heightened cognitive functions according to one study. Self-representation is one function that's particularly heightened, meaning you see your partner as completing yourself. When you're feeling passionately in love, the neurotransmitters trigger that feeling, helping you realize your soulmate.


You Want To Cuddle All The Time

Can't get enough of your partner's touch? That's because, according ot Mic, being near your So causes you body to release oxytocin, the love chemical. This hormone is increased with touch and is what your body needs to maintain and create an intimate relationship.


Your Heart Starts Racing

When you have a deep attraction to someone, your heart can't handle its standard beat pattern. CNN notes that you feel a rush of adrenaline when you see your soulmate, which causes your heart to race after your brain transmits signals to release those chemicals into your blood stream.


You Trust Your Partner Implicitly

Remember the hormone oxytocin and how it's released when you're near the person you love? It can also affect your trust in others. As noted in Scientific America, the higher your levels of oxytocin, the more trust you have in another person.


You Want Your Partner Literally All The Time

As you feel that wave of attraction when you look at your partner, your body starts releasing lots of chemicals like oxytocin, phenethylamine, and dopamine. Cosmopolitan wrote that these hormones give you the unavoidable urge to bond with your SO, so you feel like you constantly want them all of the time. When you can't get enough of your partner, science is telling you that you may have found the one.


As Your Relationship Grows, You're Less Obsessive

When your relationship is solid and the two of you mesh well together, you become less obsessive about your partner. It doesn't mean you love them any less, it's a biological thing. According to Mental Floss, your previous hormonal levels when you fell in love go back to normal within a year, but the serotonin and oxytocin continue to rise, helping you trust your partner and feel committed.


You Can't Sleep

The Globe and Mail wrote that when you're falling in love, your brain reacts in the same way that someone high on cocaine does. Your energy is up, your mood is elevated, and you have no desire to fall asleep. But the really great news is that it doesn't affect how you feel. When you're in love, the hormone dopamine skyrockets and provides a natural high, so exhaustion doesn't phase you.


Your Career Seems To Be Taking Off

Turns out that when you find the one, you feel protected and know that there is always someone in your corner. And, according to Elite Daily Instead, knowing you have someone to lean on makes you take bigger risks in your career and you feel more confident stepping out into the world. So if you feel like your career has taken off and you're working even harder to make things happen, it could be because you've found the one that you know you can depend completely on if everything goes belly up.

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