9 Wonder Woman Makeup Tutorials To Make Your Halloween Superhero Costume Extra

Wonder Woman embodies many things a woman wants to represent. She's powerful, fearless, strong, smart, sexy — Wait, is Wonder Woman Beyonce? There is no doubt that Wonder Woman is a badass B, and with the new Wonder Woman movie ranking as one of the hottest films of the year, you're probably considering dressing up as this heroine so here's a Wonder Woman makeup tutorial to take your Halloween costume to the next level.

If you feel that you want to go beyond just a simple costume change to transform yourself into Wonder Woman, there are some makeup tricks you can do to take your costume to the next level. I know for me, I'm terrible at doing my makeup, so these videos are especially helpful. I can't even put mascara on without it getting all over my eyelids. Anyone else use mascara as eyeliner? Also what's a primer? Ok, I'll stop. The point is, some people just don't have the skills to do their own makeup, and don't even get me started on contouring. Luckily there are some pretty amazing makeup tutorials out there to help people like me, transform into the powerful figure that is Wonder Woman.

Also, there are so many iterations of Wonder Woman to choose from. Obviously there's the classic sexy Wonder Woman, but if you want a more unique look, a pop art Wonder Woman might just be the version for you. Whatever you choose, these tutorials will help you channel your inner super hero.


Comic Book Wonder Woman

I love this tutorial. Nikkie should have her own show. Not only is she wicked talented but her sense of humor is perfection. In this tutorial Nikkie will teach you how to transform into a comic version of Wonder Woman while making it super fun.


2.Traditional Wonder Woman

If you want to be the traditional sexy Wonder Woman, this is the tutorial for you. Frida Hassel walks you through the 1970's Lynda Carter Wonder Woman look, while giving it a more modern edge.


80's Wonder Woman

Kandee Johnson is just so charming and does a killer job bringing the 80's look to this Wonder Woman tutorial. She's almost unrecognizable in her "after" look.


2017 Wonder Woman

Want to look like the latest version of Wonder Woman? Charisma Star will transform you into the powerhouse played by Gal Gadot, with this amazingly fun tutorial. If this isn't the look you are going for just watch the video for its amazing intro. I have never seen so much effort put into a tutorial video, it's so epic and it deserves to be watched.


Cartoon Wonder Woman

I literally couldn't take my eyes off the screen watching this video. Vlogger ListenToLindsay leads you through a tutorial that brings the cartoon character to life. Making you question what is even real anymore. If this Wonder Woman doesn't make you win best costume, then I don't know what will.


Pop Art Wonder Woman

MakeupByAlli is now my new go to makeup a channel. She too will lead you through a pop art style Wonder Woman look, which is a little more subtle than the cartoon version, but still really unique.


Kids Wonder Woman

The Daya Daily is fierce. This young lady makes me question everything I have ever learned. I'm a 29-year old woman and this young girl is a way more skilled makeup artist than I will ever be. Daya is so super talented and she will help transform anyone.


Cleavage Wonder Woman

I think Miss Jessica Harlow nailed the Wonder Woman look in this tutorial. Jessica captures the hero while giving her a bombshell look. She also teaches you how to contour some cleavage if you're into that.


Smokey Eye Wonder Woman

This is my favorite traditional version of Wonder Woman. I want to use this tutorial for my everyday life. Eva Beauregard does a great job leading you through a smokey eye look to give your Wonder Woman costume a sultry look.

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