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These '90s Twin Baby Names Are Too ~Kewl~ & Will Make You Crave A Surge

Can't get enough of the '90s and wish they'd come back? Do you still own your coveted pair of JNCOs and butterfly hair clips? Well thankfully, flannel, metallic eye shadow, and "tattoo chokers" are back in style, among other '90s trends. And if you're pregnant with twins, you can forever honor your favorite '90s duos with these '90s twin baby names. You're welcome.

The '90s were full of dynamic duos — twins or otherwise. We had Daria and Jane, Cher and Dionne (the antithesis of Daria and Jane) Tia and Tamera, Kenan and Kel, Romy and Michele — and who could forget about Mary Kate and Ashley or Wayne and Garth (party time, excellent)?

Obviously, these are just for fun, but if any of these speak to you, then you do you, girl. I guess you'll just have to get your partner to agree, especially if it's in your heart of hearts to name your twins little Justin and Brian, or Britney or Christina. Maybe nobody else will get the reference? And if they do, perhaps they're as obsessed with everything '90s as you are and will adore your name choice. So pull out your Discman, lace up your Doc Martens (or platforms), and enjoy a flashback to your favorite '90s duos.


Mary Kate & Ashley

When I think of twins in the '90s, I always think of Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen. Not only were they tag teaming as one of the main stars on Full House — Michelle — but I was obsessed with all of their music videos and movies.


2.Tia & Tamera

And my other favorite pair of twins from the '90s are Tia and Tamera. I loved the show Sister, Sister, and always loved their style. Also, their mom and dad were hilarious and I'll never forget that amazing theme song. And how cool was the way they found out about each other by accidentally meeting in a mall? Plus, with names like Tia and Tamera, your twins will for sure be the coolest (and smartest) in school and have impeccable style — and a great sense of humor to boot.


Nicky & Alex

Everyone's favorite hot couple from Full House procreated, and of course they made adorable twins! Pay homage to Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky by naming your own twins after the other set of twins on Full House, Nicky and Alex.


Phil(lip) & Lil(lian)

Rugrats was always on the TV during dinner time at my house, right after Doug, of course. Troublemaker twins Phil and Lil were part of the group of oddly intelligent and well-spoken(ish) babies on Nickelodeon's Rugrats. And even cooler, their mom was a super feminist before feminism was as mainstream as it is now.


Brian & Brandon

Brian and Brandon Casey were two-fourths of the '90s R&B group Jagged Edge, which was signed through Jermaine Dupri's So So Def Recordings label based in Atlanta. Other memorable tracks from the group included "Let's Get Married," and "Where the Party At," among others. Plus, doesn't Brian and Brandon have such a nice ring to it?


Wayne & Garth

"Wayne's World! Wayne's World! Party Time! Excellent!" What started as an amazingly funny Saturday Night Live sketch, Wayne's World, the full-length movie, is about two dudes who host a show about rad babes and rock music for a public access channel. Wayne meets a girl at a rock show and tries to get her to fall in love with him. If your twins are going to be totally tubular, naming them Wayne and Garth may be the way to go. (Even if the characters weren't actually twins.)


Chandler & Joey

Arguably one of the best "bromances" of our time, Joey and Chandler were ultimate friend goals on the show Friends, and will forever remain an iconic duo in '90s pop culture. Maybe your twins will be the best of friends and get into all sorts of shenanigans complete with a laugh track in the background of their lives if you name them Joey and Chandler? Don't forget the mini barcaloungers.


Daria & Jane

Daria was my role model during middle school and high school — and some people say I still emulate her today, for better or for worse. I think I'm OK with that. Jane and Daria kept it real at Longdale High where everyone else was basically a bunch of phonies, and they were the intelligent, artsy, and alternative outcasts. They were the anti-high school experience and were there for us kids who weren't like the cheerleaders or the jocks. Your twins could be cool, moody, smart as a whip, and artistic if you name them Daria and Jane. Just don't expect them to be cheerleaders.


Cher & Dionne

"As if!" Why would you name your twin girls anything else if you were obsessed with the movie Clueless in the '90s. Hopefully your kids will have Dionne and Cher's impeccable style (and maybe you'll end up having their parent's money). You'll have to stock up on feather pens and knee high socks as your twins get older, though.


Romy & Michele

Romy and Michele were the quintessential '90s gal duo, with their platform heels and sparkly dresses. And you couldn't help but laugh at their dim-wittedness as they tried to impress their classmates at their 10-year high school reunion. Bless their hearts. Pay respects to your favorite goofy gals by naming your twins Romy & Michele.


Kenan & Kel

Kenan and Kel were originally on the Nickelodeon show All That, but soon branched out and did their own show, Kenan and Kel, because they were so funny and talented. Kenan Thompson is on Saturday Night Live now, and is one of the longest-running cast members, and after Good Burger, Kel has stayed busy as a rapper, comedian, and actor, including playing Mr. G on the Game Shakers TV series.


Justin & Brian

Were you team Backstreet Boys or team *NSYNC? While both boy bands had their positives, I was definitely team *NSYNC — but for some reason I loved Chris the most. Maybe because I wanted to be different since everyone was obsessed with Justin? I did love Chris' multicolored dreads though. You can be a house divided if you name one twin Justin and the other twin Brian from the Backstreet Boys.


Clarissa & Sam

Can't you just hear that guitar riff as soon as the ladder hit Clarissa's window? Clarissa was one of my favorite shows growing up, and I always wished I could have a best friend who would be able to pop a ladder up to my window and come visit without having to set anything up with my parents. Maybe your twins will be inseparable BFFs if you name them Clarissa and Sam? Clarissa is an awesome name, and Sam is unisex, so it could totally work.


Britney & Christina

The ultimate rivalry — Britney versus Christina. Hopefully if you name your twins after these two pop superstars they'll be actual friends instead of frenemies. And, if you're lucky, maybe they'll develop some great singing pipes, too.


Doug & Skeeter

Doug and Rugrats were always on the family TV during dinner when I was a kid. Doug was definitely a favorite in our household — in fact, my Dad even dressed up as Doug for Halloween once, true story. Doug Funnie and Skeeter Valentine were ultimate #friendshipgoals back in the '90s. And you couldn't name your twins after two nicer dudes. Just don't name either of your children Roger Klotz.


Marlon & Shawn

What do you get when you put two hilariously funny comedian brothers in a one-bedroom brownstone in New York City? Pure comedy gold. I loved the brothers' quick one-liners and physical comedy prowess. If you name your twins Marlon and Shawn, I'm sure they'll have some funny skits up their sleeves and will be quite the entertainers.


Carrie & Miranda

In my opinion, Carrie and Miranda were the closest on Sex and the City — especially because they were both there for each other to call out the other's crap. I mean, who else would go to a church and wear an ugly hat to spy on a boyfriend other than your best friend, right? Expect a lot of sass, style, intelligence and a great sense of humor if you name your twin girls Carrie and Miranda.

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