Twitter has discovered a cat that looks like Baby Yoda and, yes, it's adorable.

This Cat Looks Just Like Baby Yoda. Her Name Is Parmesan. Yes, She's Adorable.

by Morgan Brinlee

Hold on to your floating cribs my friends, because Twitter has found a real, live Baby Yoda lookalike that's sure to melt hearts just as quickly as the original has. Truly, this cat looks like just Baby Yoda, my friends, and, well, you really just have to see it to believe it.

For weeks now, people have been collectively obsessed with Disney+'s The Mandalorian and the show's breakout star, Baby Yoda. Although known simply as The Child in the new Star Wars TV series, this small green 50-year-old infant has been affectionately dubbed Baby Yoda by fans who are eager to snatch up anything and everything Baby Yoda related. But with a serious lack of Baby Yoda merchandise (toys aren't expected to be available until after the holidays), the internet is having to get creative with Baby Yoda content.

Thankfully, there's a cat for that. A Twitter user by the name of Bella Meza has brought it to the world's attention that her boyfriend's cat Parmesan bears an uncanny resemblance to the internet's latest obsession. "My boyfriend said, 'oh my god, my cat looks like baby yoda' and I look over and sure enough," Bella tweeted Sunday along with a picture of Parmesan attempting to hide behind a beige towel.

Now, I know what you're thinking. How can a cat look anything like an out of this world, pea-green creature? But thanks to a pair of widely spaced, oversized ears, a small nose, and large, round eyes, Parmesan really does seem to evoke a certain Baby-Yoda quality.

"Her ears are always pointing to the side when she's in hunting mode, which is often," Meza told TIME. "She loves to play."

Since hitting the internet Sunday, Parmesan has quickly gone viral with the initial tweet revealing their existence to the world garnering more than 290,500 likes and nearly 55,000 retweets. Maybe Baby Yoda will finally have some competition for the title of cutest thing on the internet?