Your Yard Will Look Like A Pink Nightmare With This 6-Foot Tall Inflatable Ralphie

You'll shoot your eye out, kid! Instead of asking for a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas this year, maybe it's time to up your decor game. No, not with a leg lamp, but with A Christmas Story inflatable Ralphie in his pink nightmare of a bunny suit.

A Christmas Story has been a sarcastic, seasonal favorite since its debut in 1983. Each year, it airs on channels showing the beloved claymation Rudolph movies and classics like How The Grinch Stole Christmas, but nothing tops this comedy, based on the hilarious writings of author Jean Shepherd. Young Ralphie, played by Peter Billingsly, wants nothing more for Christmas than a a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle (very specific). He ultimately gets one, but not without a few unwanted gifts along the way, like a pink bunny suit from his Aunt Clara.

Maybe you're not a huge fan of reindeer, dancing snowmen, and the Clauses, but if you're into a more comedic Christmas, this A Christmas Story inflatable is really going to suit your style. Besides, blowup decor is easy to put up, take down, and put away, and it's all done in seconds (no more tangled lights).

This inflatable Ralphie features that hilarious pink bunny costume, and a photorealistic version of his face absolutely hating the whole thing. Ralphie is easy to stake into the front yard and self inflates in seconds, standing 6 feet tall when fully blown up so he can be seen from far and wide. LED lights inside the inflatable illuminate him at night, too.

The fabric of Ralphie's slippers and bunny suit is fuzzy, because this inflatable is all about accuracy. If you're feeling super spirited, you can also blow him up inside for some large-and-in-charge interior decor, according to Home Depot's website. And for Christmas comedy lovers, there's even more to choose from in the home improvement store's online selection.

Any National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation fans looking to fill their front yards with themed inflatables? Consider it done! You can order an inflatable 8-foot-long station wagon with tree strapped to the top straight out of the movie. There's also the infamous RV in blowup form. And, of course, why not show the movie itself? This inflatable snow globe projects multiple scenes from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation so no neighbor will ever guess your favorite film incorrectly again.

Fans of Elf can also get their jolly on with a 6-foot-tall, inflatable Buddy The Elf. It may scare you to round the corner and see a life-size, photorealistic Will Ferrell in your front yard, but rest assured, Buddy's just looking for his dad or on his way to his winter job at the department store. Whatever you do, just don't opt not to decorate at all. That would make you an angry elf from the South Pole.

So, for movie buffs who prefer holiday hilarity to classic characters and sweet snowflakes everywhere, these inflatables have you covered. Don't be afraid to indulge your seasonal sarcasm and cover your yard in them. You're sure to give some laughs to passersby.