Now The Whole Family Can Be Pink Nightmares In These 'A Christmas Story' Bunny Suits

That feeling when Ralphie dons the homemade pink bunny suit gifted by Aunt Clara is a Christmas moment we've all lived at least once in our lives. And now, you can re-live the hilariously cringe-worthy scene because Amazon has 'A Christmas Story' Ralphie bunny suits for the whole family. Yes, you can all be pink nightmares together. These pink bunny suits are perfect for wearing while you marathon watch A Christmas Story for 24 straight hours on Christmas Day, and they're so much fun that you shouldn't have to triple-dog dare anyone to wear them.

We've all been in Ralphie's pink bunny slippers at some point, right? Some relative has made and gifted you a lopsided knit sweater with one arm made just longer than the other to be noticeable, and your mom has demanded that you try that heinous creation on right this moment because your cousin Linda spent hours knitting it just for you. So, you begrudgingly throw the sweater on and hope that nobody snaps a pic, but alas your dad captures the whole thing on film. Thanks for the memories, dad. Now this embarrassment will live on in infamy just like Ralphie's bunny suit from Aunt Clara.

Hopefully that moment for you garnered just as much nostalgia as Ralphie's bunny suit will for your family when you each get the pleasure of wearing your very own pink bunny suit. You can find fuzzy head-to-toe pink bunny suit looks for each and every member of your family currently on Amazon, and luckily Aunt Clara did not make these particular suits. They may be Pepto Bismol pink in color, but with attached bunny slippers built right into a zippered onesie, how could you not want to snuggle up in a bunny suit every day leading up to Christmas?

The bunny ears, as sad as they may look on little Ralphie, just give the suit a festive feel that makes the jump from Easter right to Christmas. And the best part about some of these bunny suits is that they double as pajamas, so you can wear them day and night. This particular suit may not be an exact movie-quality replica, but playing Santa for your kids and piling gifts under the tree dressed in Ralphie's pink bunny pajamas is parenting goals, my friends.

When your kid asks for a ridiculous gift, it's probably old hat at this point to quip "You'll shoot your eye out!" before moving on with your tinsel-covered festivities. And what is a better Christmas gift for your kids than that Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle (yes, that specific one!) they ask for after watching A Christmas Story for the millionth time? The gift of putting them in Ralphie's literal bunny slippers when you buy them pink bunny suit pajamas from Amazon so that you can all quote the movie with gusto and take hilarious family photos together.

Speaking of family photos, can you imagine the gems you'll get when you dress your entire family in these matching pink bunny costumes for your family Christmas card? Make it a stellar re-creation of your family's favorite Christmas movie by adding the leg lamp or pretending to make your baby get their tongue stuck on a flagpole. When your husband protests dressing like a giant pink bunny, you can always throw out the line, "It's a major award!" to help him understand the thrill you get from re-enacting those memorable A Christmas Story scenes.