CVS Receipts Are Basically Parachutes, & Now You Can Wear One As A Fleece Scarf

It's the year 2020, so naturally, you can now wear a string of coupons around your neck and call it fashion. Welcome to the future. A CVS receipt scarf actually exists, and you can use your savings from the 57 coupons that print out on your next shopping trip to buy one.

You've probably run into a CVS store at some point to buy a single birthday card and wound up exiting the store with a receipt that spans the length of your outstretched arms and flaps in the wind behind you as you frantically chase your toddler into the parking lot. There are likely two or three of these same excessively lengthy receipts floating around the floor of your minivan or stuffed into the deepest depths of your purse at the moment. (A quick parachute is always handy!) If I'm being honest, the amount of trees that must be slain in order to keep up with the amount of paper CVS requires to print their receipts makes me shudder, but that doesn't make the jokes about their length any less hilarious.

Twitter is full of examples of actual printed CVS receipts and the hilarious lengths (pun intended) people will go to to prove just how extra these receipts are. Receipts long enough to decorate a Christmas tree like garland or to be worn as sashes are undoubtedly humorous, but none of these examples are more over-the-top however than an actual fleece scarf made to look exactly like a CVS receipt.

Etsy seller Receipt Scarves has sold a whopping 420 of their CVS receipt scarves at $19 each. The scarf is currently listed as one of Etsy's bestsellers — because of course it is. Who wouldn't want to sport one of these receipt scarfs on a cold day? The fashionably fun scarf is also sold by retailer Generic on Amazon and Ebay for $20.

The fleece scarf measures approximately 59 inches long by 8 inches wide, and the CVS receipt motif is printed on both sides of the scarf. So even when it's completely wrapped around your neck, onlookers admiring your fashion statement will be able to see exactly which coupon deals you're sporting. One Amazon user even commented that the product actually "scans" at the register. While the truth of that claim is completely unverifiable, it may not hurt to give it a try the next time you make a CVS run wearing your receipt scarf.

The scarf is also machine washable. For all of you moms out there who want to invest in a wearable replica of your crowning couponing achievement, but are turned off by the snowy white coloring (because, kids), it appears that throwing this scarf directly into the wash is perfectly acceptable.

There is no doubt the receipts at CVS are obnoxiously long and this scarf is one more form of poking fun at this phenomenon, but have you ever actually taken the time to examine your CVS receipt instead of just mocking the length? Those things are chock full of useful coupons, people. From $5 in CVS Extra Bucks to $1 off of shampoo — if you actually use the coupons on your receipt, the savings can truly add up. In fact, I have a friend who can enter a CVS, pay with coupons, and walk out without spending any money at all. Then, her super long printed receipt for that transaction includes even more coupons.

If you also take advantage of these coupon deals, wear this CVS receipt scarf with your head held high. When you drape a nearly 5-foot-long scarf with coupons on it around your neck, you're basically telling the world that you are a savings master and not afraid to flaunt it.