A Hopper From 'Stranger Things' Halloween Costume That's Perfect For Kids

In Netflix's Stranger Things, police chief Jim Hopper stands out for his snarly wit and less-than-sunny attitude. Unlike the imaginative kids or the devoted mom Joyce, Hopper is unapologetically surly for much of the show, and there's something lovable about his whole negative demeanor. He's a dedicated police officer who gets the job done, to be sure, but don't expect him to be terribly friendly about it. With that in mind, this Hopper from Stranger Things Halloween costume for kids will help your child transform into the grumpiest police officer in Hawkins, Indiana.

You and your kid can come up with a close approximation of Hopper's look without a ton of effort. With his uniform, badge, and flashlight, you'll be all set for an evening of monster-hunting. Or at least you'll be prepared to conduct a thorough search for candy in the neighborhood.

For added fun, you can encourage others in your group dress up as different Stranger Things characters for Halloween. There is something very appealing about the idea of a whole troop of kids decked out in '80s finery for the spookiest holiday of the year. Just be sure to keep an eye out for any stray Demogorgons on your block.

Basic Uniform


Tan Police Uniform, $27, Walmart | Tan Long Sleeve Shirt, $27, Amazon | Khaki Pants, $26, Amazon

Fortunately, the police force has long been a popular costume choice, so it should not be too taxing to find the uniform basics. You can probably locate a kid-sized tan police uniform at a costume shop. Or you can create a DIY version from a tan long sleeve shirt and some khaki pants. Whatever the case, be sure your kid wears a weathered scowl for the evening, too.

Hat & Badge


Campaign Hat, $12, Amazon | Police Badge, $3, Amazon | American Flag Patch, $4, Amazon

To round out the ensemble, add a campaign hat and badge. If you want to go all-out, iron on an American flag patch, too.



Bright Flashlight, $25, Amazon | Coffee Cup, $10, Etsy | Hopper name Badge, $20, Etsy

Many of the scenes in Stranger Things are lit by flashlight, which adds to the overall spooky atmosphere of the show. So if your kid is going out as Jim Hopper for Halloween, a bright flashlight is a must. (It's also a great safety measure, but you don't have to stress that point.) Additionally, your kid can tote around a coffee cup with Hopper's best line from the show. (Hey, the man likes his brew.) Lastly, you can round out the getup with a Hopper name badge for added realism.