Um, You Can Now Order A Life-Size Cutout Of Your BFF For Long-Distance Girls' Nights

Long-distance relationships are hard. And that’s not just romantic relationships, but your relationship with your BFF, too. Sure modern technology means you can contact them basically anytime and anywhere as long as you have a wi-fi connection or good data plan. But what if you need a girls night out with wine and apps? If she’s in another state you can’t just call her up, right? But there is actually a solution. You can bring her with you. You can get a life-size cardboard cutout of your BFF, and now all is right in the world.

Now hear me out. It’s not that odd, right? I mean even the celebrities are doing it. Just look at besties Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips. While US Weekly and Phillips herself describe Williams’ idea as “hilarious and terrifying” it sure did make Phillips smile. I mean, what’s weird about sending your bestie a life-sized cardboard cutout of yourself to make them smile after a sinus operation? That’s exactly what Williams did. Nothing says "I'm there for you," like a cardboard cutout of yourself.

This dynamic duo is #friendshipgoals. Williams and Phillips met on Dawson’s Creek back in 2001, US Weekly reported, and Phillips told the publication it was like “love at first sight” between the two of them. Apparently they went out drinking and smoking cigarettes together while getting into bar fights (like I said, #friendshipgoals), so the idea of a life-size cardboard cutout seems right up their alley.

Which begs the question — is your relationship with your BFF just as awesome — or even more awesome — than the relationship between Williams and Phillips? Send your own cardboard cutout to your BFF (or ask that they send one to you) through They’re pretty legit, as a girl posted a photo to their website of her and Drake as her wedding date, and he looks pretty lifelike, too. The website says if you place your order by noon you can get it shipped the next business day, which is a pretty fast turnaround, especially if you need a girls' night out with your bestie ASAP. They also have free shipping to U.S. locations and a “satisfaction or money back guarantee.” Just simply send them your photo of you or your BFF, and they create a life-size cardboard cutout of the photo “using the latest digital printing and cutting technology.”

At just $120, you can always have your bestie right there with you for selfies, sleepovers, and every single girls' night out. She can even watch over you as you sleep, because that’s not weird at all. Long-distance friendships don’t have to suck, especially if you stay in touch and do fun and random things like creating cardboard cutouts of each other so you never have to be apart. No judgment here. Even if your bestie isn't on board with this, a cardboard cut out of just about anyone can be an awesome gag gift for that birthday or graduation party. It will be the center of attention, I can guarantee it.