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Motherhood Rental

You Can Finally Rent Maternity Clothes From A Pea In The Pod & Motherhood Maternity

Maternity clothes sure has come a long way from overalls and big billowy dresses. But springing for a whole new wardrobe that’s only going to last for nine-ish months isn’t always an option. One economical (and the most environmentally-friendly) approach is to borrow pieces you know you won't keep forever: cue Pea In The Pod's maternity clothing rental subscription service.

Motherhood Rental costs $69 per month, and you can cancel at any time. So if you started your subscription at the beginning of your second trimester, for example, (when your regular clothes might start feeling a little tight), you’d probably wind up paying around $560 for your entire pregnancy with the program. When you factor in the cost of updating your wardrobe as your pregnancy progresses (especially if you're transitioning in or out of an extreme-weather season, the program more or less pays for itself.

One thing to keep in mind is you can only rent three pieces at a time, (for as long as you'd like), so you'll likely need to pick up some basics for yourself, but you can use Motherhood Rental for everything else, from special occasion outfits to coats for the chillier seasons. They've got everything from dresses to designer denim, from designers such as 7 For All Mankind, A Pea in the Pod, Isabella Oliver, Rachel Pally, and more. Shipping both ways is free (a pre-paid USPS Priority Mail shipping box for returns will be sent to you), and there’s always the option to purchase a frock that you’ve fallen in love with at a discounted price.

Motherhood Rental

Of course, since you’re wearing pre-worn clothing, there is the cleanliness factor to contend with. Naturally, you want every outfit that touches you (and your baby) to be as hygienic as possible. Not only will you receive clothing that’s been completely cleaned (each item goes through both a wet and dry-cleaning process), but no dyes or perfumes are added during the process, either. The laundering process also includes a three-time inspection to ensure that it the item is clean and undamaged before it’s shipped out to you. And don’t worry about washing the clothes after you’ve worn them; Motherhood Rental will launder them for you, so yay, less laundry for you to do.

Depending on how frequently you want to rotate your wardrobe, you can really reap the rewards of Motherhood Rental. Not only will you avoid cluttering your closet with maternity clothing you might never wear again, but you and your bump will be rocking outfits you love throughout your pregnancy.