Dream Job Alert: This Company Will Pay You To Drink Rosé In France — Really

What started as a global catchphrase, “Rosé All Day,” is now a lifestyle brand, and of course, a popular wine brand. And now the folks at Rosé All Day have just created your ultimate dream job: A “Rosé influencer.” I kinda hate myself for typing that, but I’m not gonna lie — I’m also super interested. I mean, the brand will pay you to drink Rosé in France while staying in their fancy chateau, and you’ll get $10,000. What’s not to like? This is no joke, y’all. According to the press release, the brand will choose the lucky winner for this dream job via an online contest. This “Influencer Casting Call” will of course start on National Rosé Day (June 8).

Here’s what you have to do: Simply follow @Rose_All_Day, post #RoséAllDay content (with that hashtag, of course), and tag @Rose_All_Day in the content you post from June 8 through Sept. 2. According to the website, they’re looking for “beautiful, bright imagery that shows your love of Rosé, and [they] want to see you, your friends, your events, your pups, and anything unique to showcase why you’re the perfect #RoséAllDay influencer.” And the more entries you post, the more likely you are to win. So hop to it. “Our goal here is not to make anyone work, but rather to find the perfect influencer who can synergize their already rosé-filled lifestyle to translate to gorgeous content,” the brand’s website noted.

Want to start creating Rosé All Day content that’s influencer worthy? For starters, purchase some of the delicious Rosé the brand sells, which includes the now super popular Rosé in a can. And to be honest, this Rosé is actually really good. I especially like the one in a can, and I don’t even like Rosé very much — I’m more of a Cabernet girl. But this brand of Rosé comes from the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France, according to the website, so it’s definitely the good stuff — even in a can. Other types of Rosé the brand sells include a traditional bottle of Rosé All Day, Sparkling Rosé in a bottle, and a Rosé All Day Bubbly Can in addition to the non-bubbly version I mentioned above.

So how did “Rosé All Day” become a global catchphrase? According to the brand’s website, “A top-trending wine hashtag, #RoséAllDay has become a social media phenomenon with hundreds of thousands of Rosé lovers sharing their excitement for the wine by posting pictures emulating a trendy, chic lifestyle.” Additionally, Rosé is now not only a lifestyle, but it has “extended into the consumer world, like the fashion industry, music festivals, cruises, galas, and the list goes on,” according to the website.

According to the brand, if you live a “Rosé-filled lifestyle,” that means you’re trendy, chic, always up for a good time, and of course, love Rosé. If this sounds like you — or if you want to pretend this is you and post it on social media so you can get $10,000 and drink Rosé in France — don’t forget to start posting on June 8 and continue to post as much as possible until Sept. 2.