8 Adult Easter Egg Hunt Ideas, Because Who Says Kids Get All The Fun?

When I was a kid, after Easter Sunday church service, my cousins and I would head over to Memaw's house for the annual Easter egg hunt in our massive hats. She'd make sure not to cut the grass for a few weeks "to make the eggs harder to find," and we'd all run around her huge front yard looking for eggs filled with candy. I miss doing that and can't wait until I can do Easter egg hunts with my kid. But who says you have to be a kid to enjoy egg hunts? What about adult Easter egg hunt ideas? Is this a thing?

As I researched this idea, apparently, it is indeed a thing, and a very fun and cool thing at that. So perhaps after your kids hunt for their eggs — and are enjoying their newfound Easter loot — all the parents can partake in their own adult version of the timeless Easter activity. Kids or not, you should check out these adult Easter egg hunt ideas — I bet you'll be having way more fun than any kids in no time. Especially depending on what you put inside those Easter eggs. Have fun and happy hunting. You deserve to have fun romping through the yard, too.


Adult Easter Decor

Who says everything has to be those unbearably cute (and sometimes scary) Easter bunnies and eggs? Put those mason jars you have laying around from watching too much Fixer Upper on HGTV to good use and throw some tulips in there. Boom, spring decor. You can also fill the jars with pastel-colored candies tied with ribbons, or perhaps even mimosa fixings? Which brings me to my next tip.


Mimosa Bar

Nothing says spring quite like a mimosa, in my opinion. Setting up a cute mimosa bar with champagne and orange juice, along with those tulips are sure to be beautiful — and a lot of fun. Bottoms up, my friends.


Easy Brunch Food

After downing some of those mimosas, it may be important for you and your guests to have something in your bellies other than booze. Check out these crustless mini quiches from Appetite for Life: Secrets of a Dietitian for a quick and easy quiche. And you can't go wrong with a fruit tray, bagels, and muffins with spreads. Oh and for the meat eaters out there, I'm sure nobody would say no to a huge tray of "Easter" bacon to go with those quiches.


Mini Booze Bottle Or Jell-O Shot Easter Eggs

If your eggs are too small to fit those tiny bottles of booze in there, you can always make your own Jello shots within the Easter eggs. Be sure you chill them for a long time so they don't melt as soon as you hide them. And also make sure your eggs don't have the little holes in the top — you don't want Jell-O shot carnage all over your kitchen counter.

This Jell-O Shot Easter Egg recipe from This Girl Walks Into A Bar looks promising and delicious.


Non-Alcoholic Egg Prizes

In case your guests don't like or want booze (or if they've had enough mimosas for everyone), you can fill eggs with things like lottery tickets, movie tickets, chapstick, nail polish, IOUs for a gift card (but have the gift card ready), and even candy. Everyone loves candy.


Set A Time Limit

Make it more difficult for your guests (since they should be better at hunting eggs than the kids) and set a time limit. Or who knows, you may need to set a time limit to keep people from wandering around the yard for hours, depending on how many mimosas they've had. Plus, it will be fun to try to beat the clock and collect as many eggs as possible.


Prize For Most Eggs Found

After time is up, tally up how many eggs each participant collected. Whoever has the most eggs can be deemed the winner, and you can provide them with an adult Easter basket filled with things adults like, like candles, a bottle of wine, candy, movie tickets, tea, or whatever you think would be awesome in a gift basket.


After-Party Treat & Party Favors

Grab an Easter cake from Publix, or if you're super talented, you can try your hand and baking this springy "Funfetti Layer Cake" by Sweet Pea's Kitchen. As for party favors, Easter candy in a cute decorated jar is always a nice touch.

This Easter, adults will be having just as much fun as the kids with your adult Easter egg hunt. Just make sure you feed your guests, have adult beverages handy (whether in egg form or on a party table), have adult prizes, and other little gifts adults like. Happy Easter and enjoy.

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