Adults Tried Breastmilk For The First Time, & Their Reactions Were So Surprising — VIDEO

Breast milk is a beautiful, magical thing. It keeps your baby fed, healthy, and happy. Plus, there are tons of other random benefits of breast milk, like the fact that it works as a natural antibiotic, is said to combat eye infections, and is always the perfect temperature. Then there are all the positive side-effects of breastfeeding for moms, like the fact that it’s a natural contraceptive (not 100% effective; use other birth control, friends), potentially makes you lose weight if that's something you care about, and even protects moms against anemia. Breastfeeding, in short, is powerful for the people on both sides of the equation.

Yet, although we know and understand how awesome breast milk is, when it comes to the idea of drinking it beyond infancy, many of us get a bit squeamish. I know I felt that way once. I still recall the first time I heard about a London shop serving human breast milk ice cream and being significantly weirded out. But then I had a baby and curiosity got the best of me, and while I never had more than a tiny sip, it didn’t seem bad to me.

In this new BuzzFeed video, six willing participants were asked to try human breast milk. Only, not just a sip — they were given full glasses of the stuff. The milk was provided by Ochi, a new mom who was happy to donate but feared that those who tried it would say “this is gross.” Here’s how they reacted:

At First, Some Were Optimistic

One woman was hoping it would taste like “unsweetened vanilla Trade Joe’s milk” while this guy was keeping his fingers crossed for it to be on par with standard cow’s milk.

While Others Focused On The Benefits Of The Milk

This woman calls her future drink “baby juice” and decides to focus her attention to the fact that it’s nutritious (possibly equating the flavor to a protein shake in her mind?)

And Still Others Confessed They Were Excited

This person tells the camera that he’s always been curious to try it and continues, “I feel like it’ll be like regular milk sorta like the difference between beer and root beer.”

Others Feared The Worst

Some just had a bad feeling it would be pretty foul.

And Once The Breastmilk Was Placed In Front Of Them…

They felt it was becoming all too real. You can just see on their faces how much they’re starting to regret volunteering for this.

Next, They Put It To The Smell Test

A few thought it didn’t smell like anything. This person thought it smelled like milk, but the girl next to him clearly wasn’t too psyched to start sniffing it.

Bottoms Up!

No turning back now...

Their Reactions Were Priceless

I have to admit I laughed out loud when I saw this first reaction.

Mostly, They All Seemed Pleasantly Surprised

Reactions varied from mildly impressed to appearing to be full-on breast milk converts.

Though According To One Taster, There Is An Aftertaste

There's always a critic.

Watch The Whole Video Below

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