Stop Everything — Aldi's Bringing Back Their Sold-Out Advent Wine Calendar

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Aldi is promising to make everyone’s holiday season extra special this year. Starting on Wednesday, November 6, Aldi stores in the U.S. will once again be stocking their uber popular Wine Advent Calendar ($70). Before you go rushing out to buy one, keep in mind that the calendars are only available at Aldi's that sell alcohol. So if your local Aldi is dry, you’ll need to reroute to a different location.

When you think about it, advent calendars are usually for kids. In my house, for example, we have not one, but two advent calendars. Not because we’re super excited to count down to Christmas (although we totally are), but the kids fought over who would get to move the candy cane on the calendar from one day to the next.

That’s what makes Aldi's version so awesome. It’s an adults-only advent calendar, and as such, you should probably open each little circle nightly after the kids are tucked in their beds. That is, if you truly want to enjoy yourself without having to referee a fight between your kids, or change a diaper, or answer a text from your boss.

Nestled inside a typical advent calendar you might find candies or chocolate. But not in the Aldi Wine Advent Calendar. No ma'am. There will be booze (24 bottles to be exact), in 187 ml. bottles. And whether you’re a red or a white wine fan, the calendar has you covered. It offers a wide selection of bubbly, sweet, dry, and yes, red and white wines.

But if you thought that the boxed wind set would be a boring ol’ Bordeaux, think again. The mini bottles feature wines from all around the globe, from Australia to South Africa. You could use your wine-a-day as a way to discover more about the wines and the regions they come from, but heck, the kids are asleep, so who cares? Not everything has to be a learning opportunity. Just break out the bottle, sip your way to serenity, and call it a day.

If you want one, though, you’ll need to hustle. Aldi sold out of the Wine Advent Calendars in mere minutes last year when they debuted, USA Today reported, and many customers looking to wine their way through the holidays were out of luck. Supplies are often limited when it comes to holiday items, which means that the calendars might sell out the same day. And unfortunately, the only Grinch you’ll come across this season is Aldi itself. The company is limiting the sale of the Wine Advent Calendar to just two per customer. Once they’re sold out, they’re gone, since Aldi isn’t going to restock them.


Despite all that, there is a silver lining. Just when you thought that the festivities were finished (i.e. you polished off every wine in the calendar), Aldi comes to the rescue once again with its Sparkling Wine Countdown to the New Year ($25). Debuting on December 4, the calendar offers seven bottles of sparkling wine to help you ring in the New Year right. Like the Wine Advent Calendar, the bottles hold 187-mL, which you can sip with someone you love — or down all by yourself. No judgment.

Between Aldi's Wine Advent Calendar and the Sparkling Wine Countdown to the New Year, you might be the one to have visions of sugarplums dancing in your head during the holidays.

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