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Aldi's $1 Bacon-Flavored Ice Cream For Dogs Will Make Your Pup's Summer

Full admission: My dog, Sam, is overweight. I prefer to call him pleasantly plump, but whenever anyone comes over to visit, they always exclaim, “Wow, your dog is fat!” Truth be told, the reason why my precious 12 year-old mix is pudgy is because I tend to give him people food. Even though I buy him the best dog food on the market, it’s still, well, dog food. And I have dog mommy guilt issues. So that’s why Sam tends to get table food now and then. But Aldi's new ice cream for dogs is a drool-worthy treat I can give him with a little less guilt.

The Heart to Tail Frozen Dog Treats look just like regular little tubs of ice cream but are meant for pets, not people. They’re packaged in four -3.5 fl. oz tubs and come with two of each flavor: Original and Cheese & Bac’n. Of course, that begs the question as to what the “original” flavor is, but I don’t know if I’m curious enough to want to taste it to find out. Plus, it’s a nondescript kind of tan-grey color that doesn’t lean towards any one flavor or food group. But the Cheese & Bac’n? All. Over. That. There are lots of cool combos of ice cream out there, and having had bacon-flavored ice cream in the past, I can attest that it’s all kinds of awesome.

Now, if you’re a label-reading mama, you’ll want to know that the frozen dog treats are gluten-free and have no artificial preservatives, which means safe snacking for your sweet dog. One thing to note, though, is that dog treat is referred to as “ice cream style” as opposed to straight up ice cream. But no matter. I doubt your dog is going to split hairs as to the percentage of cream to milk fat the dessert has.

Courtesy of Aldi

In terms of tub size, the Heart to Tail Frozen Dog Treats look like a decent amount of ice cream. It would make a delicious reward after a long walk or a day at the lake, and if you've got a medium-large dog like I do, it's not an overwhelming amount. You'll want to start with tiny bites no matter what kind of breed you have, to make sure it settles well with them. A word of caution: If you take the treats out of the box and place them directly into the freezer, be sure to label them so that your kiddos who might be clamoring for ice cream don’t mistakenly down the treats meant for your doggie.

Just in time for summer, the Heart to Tail frozen dog treats hits Aldi shelves on June 26th and retails for $2.99 for the 4-pack (That's less than $1 a serving). Unfortunately, the treats might not be an Aldi staple. Since they’re an Aldi Find, that means that they’re a very limited-edition product and may or may not be around come fall.

If looking for desserts for your dog is leaving you feeling a little left out in the cold (because standing in the freezer section can do that to a person), you can score some human ice cream treats in Aldi’s frozen foods aisle, too. You might want to sample the Specially Selected Super Premium Vanilla Ice Cream or if you’re feelin’ fancy, savor the Specially Selected Mini Eclairs. That way, you and your pup can wolf down your tasty frozen treats together. My Sammy would certainly approve.