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All The Black Friday 2017 Deals To Help You Plan Your Post-Thanksgiving Shopping Spree

It's time to shop. You're stuffed to the brim with turkey and pie. You may have a hangover, or maybe you're still drinking if you're headed out really late or really early to shop — I'm not here to judge your life. One thing is for sure, you're determined to score all the best deals for your family and friends, and this year, you're going in with a game plan. Don't worry, I'm here to help with all the Black Friday 2017 deals to help you plan your post-Thanksgiving shopping spree.

Honestly, it takes a lot for me to venture out of the house in my Thanksgiving pants to go shopping. I live in New York City, and it's pandemonium. There's always a line outside of each store, and because malls really don't exist here, it's not like you're waiting in a climate controlled environment. Nope, you're waiting in the cold, outside, with everyone staring at you as they walk by. This year, things are different. There are several deals just too good to pass up. From Target to Best Buy to Sur La Table, stores are really giving deep discounts to try to offset the online shopping arena this year.

Toys "R" Us & Babies "R" Us


With everything from wireless controllers (!!!) to Barbie mansions, Toys "R" Us deals are hard to beat this season. Any gamer or mom/wife of a gamer can tell you that wireless controllers almost never go on sale. The same applies for the Barbie Dreamhouse. This Black Friday, both will be getting a great discount.



Target is absolutely killing it with cozy this year. They're rocking lots of doorbuster pajama and sweater deals this year on top of some really great sales on televisions, game equipment, and scooters.

Sur La Table

Sur La Table

This year, the high-end kitchen equipment store took things to the next level by offering a "Black Friday Insider" mailing list that gives you access to really huge deals ahead of the sale, and deals not listed in the main Black Friday flyer. We're talking Le Crueset, KitchenAid, Staub, the works. If you have someone on your list who loves to cook, this is it.

Best Buy

Best Buy

Best Buy has really outdone themselves this year. The brand new 4K, 2160 resolution, smart TVs are coming in at rock bottom prices. And they're not some off-label brand you've never heard of. Nope, brands like Samsung and Sony are on their list this year. I may never see my husband again. (Who will make the coffee?)



The perennial Black Friday favorite, Walmart is upping its game this year by not just offering deep discounts on televisions and boxer shorts, but by including the wildly popular virtual reality bundles priced at $100 off. People have strategies just for Walmart. With a store as large as this one, it's no wonder.



Macy's has it all, and they're going to be open, I think, from now until next Thanksgiving. The hours are bananas, and everything from puffer jackets to Cuisinart processors to cosmetics are rounding out this killer sale.


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Kohl's is the king of sales. It seems as though I get an email every weekend about some huge sale or another. Black Friday they go all-in. They've got everything from televisions to luxury bath towels.

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble

I love books more than anything in life other than my family. More than food, more than wine, more than sex — OK, maybe not that last one. My Pinterest board for books has like a million pins. I have a book blog. I'm ride or die for the written word. So I'm really excited that Barnes & Noble is bringing it this year with books, educational toys, and book related ephemera.

  • 50 percent off special gift books including cookbooks and Disney Story Book collections
  • Buy one, get one 50 percent off on toys and games
  • NOOK GlowLight 3 ($99.99)


Kmart has come a long way. I remember getting my school supplies there and eating at the pizza chain attached to it. When I got married, I got our first set of Christmas ornaments there — they were the Martha Stewart brand. I loved them and still have a few. This year, they've got some serious deals proving they're more than just pencils and pizza.


I love H&M. I could write sonnets about how they have saved my bacon with my picky daughter. I will be hitting this sale so hard. So, so hard. They're also not known for doing a lot of sales, so this is really exciting.


Anastasia Beverly Hills

I could spend hours in Ulta. They have everything for your face and body that you could ever want, and some things you never knew you needed until you laid eyes on it. They just built a huge new Ulta near me, and I plan on perusing the aisles for days. This Black Friday at Ulta, it's all about the sets. Sets with makeup worth a few hundred dollars are going for $25. That's bananas.


I love IKEA. I actually like putting the stuff together, as well. It's like a really satisfying jigsaw puzzle with tiny tools. It's great. For the holidays, they're offering something a little different.

  • $20 IKEA eGift Card for every $100 in Ikea gift cards purchased online

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