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Target's Massive Black Friday Deals Include $5 PJs & Tons Of $10 Toys

Even on a regular, humdrum day, Target is the go-to for moms to escape from reality and enjoy aisles and aisles of trendy merchandise. But with the 2017 Black Friday Target sales extremely near, I think it's an understatement to say that Target lovers everywhere are getting excited. Major bonus points because Target has a wide enough selection you can probably knock out all of your holiday shopping in one place — including getting some super sweet wrapping paper and decor. And even better, you can do it from the comfort of your own home if you don't want to deal with cold temperatures and long lines. Target truly is the one place that has everything you need for your family, your home, and yourself (because you can't forget to indulge on some Black Friday sales for you too this year).

A Target rep tells Romper that locations will open their doors at 6 p.m. the day of Thanksgiving until midnight. They'll reopen bright and early, at 6 a.m., on Friday, Nov. 24 after Thanksgiving too. What's more, you can keep a close eye on the Target Black Friday deals for this year by checking out their weekly deals or signing up for their ads here (we hate the thought of signing up for another email blast but this one might actually be worth it). It's the perfect way to start prepping for gift-giving and avoid the Black Friday rush that's still figuring out what's going to be on the shelves.

And if you've set up with the store's credit or debit card, we have good news for you: Target REDcard holders get access to select Black Friday deals early–like an entire day early on Nov. 22 online, in stories, and via their app.

Luckily, you won't need to wait until Black Friday to get the down-low on good deals. To view a comprehensive list of their sales, scroll down, and get even more details here. Make your list and check it twice.

For Those Who Love To Binge Watch

Who doesn't love their television? I know I do. As a film, tv, and general celebrity junkie, I'm always looking for the absolute best deal on movies, TVs, and more. Luckily, you can find them this Black Friday — if I don't beat you to them first.

Noteworthy Deals

For The Electronics-Obsessed

Most moms can't live without their electronic gadgets. From phones to iPads to watches, cams, and more, life would not function near as smoothly without them. Even if that means using them to bribe our little ones here and there, I'm totally OK with that. If you can relate, you're going to be pretty excited about the savings on all their electronic goods this Black Friday.

Noteworthy Deals

For The Gamers

Video gamers aren't forgotten in the gobs of glorious electronic sales either! From games to systems to accessories to level up your look, there are plenty of deals worth giving your thumbs a rest. Seriously, you'll want to catch 'em all.

Noteworthy Deals

For The Kids & Kids At Heart

You definitely won't want to forget the kids this Black Friday. Now is the best time to get Christmas gifts at a big discount anywhere and some of the best toys and games for sale are below — they're going to be the perfect additions to your holiday gift list.

Noteworthy Deals

For The Fashionistas

If there's one thing everyone in the family needs year-round, it's clothes. Whether they're for you, your partner, or the kids, I have to say style and sales go together like Fall and pumpkin spice.

Noteworthy Deals

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