This New Christmas Collection At Target Is Totally Instagram-able

By now, I'm sure you've started day dreaming about your Christmas list, decor, wrapping paper, and the holiday season because I know I have. It often goes like this: a fantasy of color-coordinated gifts and decor under and around a beautifully lit tree with carefully picked ornaments ... which never happens. Good news though, the beloved L.A. stationary brand Sugar Paper has this new Christmas collection at Target that is totally Instagram-able and definitely going to make your Christmas fantasies come true this year.

This year, Sugar Paper co-founders Chelsea Shukov and Jamie Grobecker are bringing this holiday season’s look to a new level. You can now match your presents to your tree decor, which is every perfectionist's Pinterest-worthy wish. What's even better are the two new sophisticated colors – grey and navy – added into the collection's color palette that already includes red and blush. But that isn't the only great part about the collection. It also includes elegant stars and Christmas tree patterns, as a nod to the festive holiday, and there's a lot of metallic accents and hand lettering to ensure your gifts feel classy and personalized without the huge cost of elegance for you.

In an interview with Target, Grobecker said "It was important to us to stay classic with this collection but also to bring in something new and versatile." Shukov adds, "We designed this collection so that everything could be interchangeable, creating an opportunity for endless mixing and matching." And the collection does just that. It's classic, it feels fresh, but it also gives people the ability to use all of the pieces to play off one another while coordinating their Christmas decoration and wrapping style seamlessly.

The beautiful thing about this collection is that while it is the perfect design for the holiday season, it doesn't have to be holiday specific. The number one rule of wrapping is to always get more than you might need, and with Sugar Paper's designs, that's doable because they're both affordable and versatile. Plus, each ribbon spool will also contain extra yards to help prevent the frustration of running out prematurely. If you have wrapping paper, ribbon, and other supplies hanging around after Christmas, you can use a lot of this collection for different occasions. Especially with the timeless color palette that isn't Christmas-specific, reuse is possible all year round.

Some of the items in the Sugar Paper collection are great for decorating around the home as well. The mini ornaments look beautiful on your Christmas tree, but you can also use them to decorate glass vases or jars or to spruce up gifts as part of the wrapping design. And for those special, keepsake ornaments families like to collect each year, co-founders Shukov and Grobecker took note. They've added logo charms with the year on them pictured below, so that you have a memento to remember this holiday.

Logo Charm Ornament, $4, Target

For those gifts that are just too awkward of a shape or size to wrap as is, there's an abundance of beautiful gift boxes to add to the collection this year. Whether you want to give a small, delicate piece of jewelry or an oversized gift, there's a ready to gift, beautifully decorated box for it.

If you're looking forward to getting some new decor and gift wrapping supplies this Christmas, you're in luck. You can head into your local Target today or get your hands on this collection online at Prices range from only $2 to $15, and in my opinion, that's a decorating win this holiday.

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