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All The Pregnancy Clues Kylie Jenner Has Dropped Lately, According To Fans

If you've been online during the past couple of weeks, you've definitely heard something about the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner family being pregnant. And while Kylie Jenner herself has still yet to confirm or deny the pregnancy rumors, that doesn't mean that the internet isn't abuzz with all the possible hints the beauty mogul has possibly dropped lately. Seriously, any time the 20-year-old reality star so much as posts a Snapchat, the internet collectively gasps. And so, it's no surprise that all the pregnancy clues Jenner has dropped recently, at least according to her fans, are all pretty ambiguous.

People all over the world fell into shock when news broke on Sept. 22 that Jenner is reportedly expecting her first child with her boyfriend Travis Scott, People reported. (Romper has reached out to representatives for both Jenner and Scott for comment regarding the reported pregnancy, but has not heard back at this time.) Since then, the Life of Kylie star, as well as the rest of her family, has stayed pretty silent on the matter since then, but that doesn't mean fans aren't analyzing every shred of information that they can get their hands on. And considering that Jenner is fairly active on social media, there has actually been quite a lot to uncover, whether or not Jenner's intentions are what fans want them to be.

Nevertheless, here are the most recent supposed updates about Jenner's pregnancy.

Fans Are Convinced She's Having A Boy

Based on a variety of "hints," fans are basically convinced that Jenner is having a baby boy. And while, obviously, there is still no actual confirmation that she is even pregnant, it wouldn't actually be too surprising if these updates were pointing to the sex of her baby.

In the above Instagram post, Jenner can be seen wearing an oversized blue button down shirt, which many are taking to mean that she could be concealing a bump, since her figure is hidden in the shot. On top of that, the fact that the shirt is blue has many guessing that Jenner has already found out the sex of her possible future baby.

"She's definitely pregnant!" one fan commented on the post, while others simply wrote, "boy!"

But that's not the only detail fans are investigating.

Actually, Fans Really, Really Think She's Having A Boy

A baggy blue shirt might not mean much, but the clues about the baby's sex don't stop there. Additionally, Jenner also posted a photo to her Snapchat early on Monday, which fans also took to mean she could be expecting a little boy.

In the photo, Jenner is holding three cell phone cases from her new line, two pink, and one blue. And in the caption, Jenner cryptically wrote, "which one? I'm thinking blue..." followed by a blue heart emoji.

"Kylie Jenner pretty much confirmed she is having a baby boy," one fan wrote on Twitter with a screenshot of Jenner's post.

Jenner *Might* Have Also Confirmed Khloe's Pregnancy Rumor As Well

In the same Snapchat story early on Monday, Jenner also shared a caption-less photo of, wait for it, three buns fresh from the oven. Yeah, literally. Of course, it was reported earlier this year that Jenner's sister, Kim Kardashian is expecting her third child, reportedly via surrogate, with husband Kanye West.

However, Jenner's other sister, Khloe Kardashian, is also reportedly pregnant, although she has yet to confirm the news as well. So, could Jenner's three buns mean that all three of the sisters are pregnant? Or is she just teasing fans? Honestly, it's impossible to know for sure.

Her Due Date *Could* Be Close To Khloe's, According To Some Fans' Interpretation Of One Snapchat

Monday night, Jenner's sister, Khloe Kardashian, posted a series of Snapchat videos with her younger sis while the two were working on filming a special video for Jenner's cosmetics line. In the videos, the two can be heard exclaiming how much they were "twinning." Sure, that could easily be referring to the sisters' matching hair and natural make-up looks, but fans also seem to think they could be teasing them about their alleged due dates being close to each other.

Because Jenner has still not confirmed or denied anything, these clues are purely speculation and fans' wishful thinking. Sure, these are, albeit, fascinating observations, but they don't actually hold any merit. But, clearly, fans are dying to know what is going with Jenner and it's safe to say that every post from here on out will be investigated to the fullest extent.

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