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Allbirds Just Released Their First Kids' Sneakers, So You Can Freak Out Now

Because kids spend so much time on their feet, it only makes sense for them to wear shoes that make exploring the world natural and easy. Seriously: shoes that cause blisters or cramped toes are inhibitive to play. And now that Allbirds just released their first kids' sneakers, the hunt for comfortable, quality children's footwear may be over. Like its adult shoes, the Allbirds line for children maximizes comfort and wearability by using the natural resource of merino wool. It looks like these little shoes will be perfect for conquering every sidewalk, playground, and mud puddle your kid encounters each day.

By utilizing simple, clean designs and natural materials, Allbirds created a line of shoes that already have a devoted following of adult fans. The moisture-wicking merino wool makes these shoes easy to wear with or without socks, according to the company's website. Available in two styles, a simple lace-up sneaker and a slipper-like lounger, these shoes are meant to be worn anywhere and everywhere. They are even designed to be machine-washable, in case they need a little freshening up. Plus, the clean, unfussy design and curated selection of color choices mean Allbirds shoes go with almost any outfit. For most fans, though, the comfort factor is the main draw. Commonly referred to as the "world's most comfortable sneaker," Allbirds continues to earn fans with its soft, simple shoes, according to the New York Times. Seriously, try searching the #allbirds tag on Twitter, and a huge swath of posts contain the word "comfortable." People seem to love the way Allbirds shoes treat their feet, and they're more than happy to share the news.

Courtesy of Allbirds

With the launch of their children's shoe line, appropriately named Smallbirds, kids can get in on the Allbirds fun, too. Made from the same comfortable, stretchy merino wool, the Smallbirds shoes are ideal for growing feet. Available in sizes that will fit most 2-to 4-year-olds, these shoes are also machine-washable and well suited for every scenario, from playdates at their bestie's, to the playground, and the library. These unisex, limited-edition kicks are available in three color choices: NZ blue, kea red and natural grey. Smallbirds will retail for $55 at, as well as the company's retail stores in New York City and San Francisco.

To celebrate the arrival of Smallbirds, Allbirds co-founder Joey Zwillinger even wrote a children's book that touches on the importance of community, courage, and sheep — all of which are of utmost important to the company. The book, Sadie Shaves the Day, follows the adventures of a brave sheep named Sadie, and it looks at the way individual actions can positively impact the world. For a limited time, a purchase of Smallbirds shoes will also include a free copy of Sadie Shaves the Day.

Courtesy of Allbirds

The story highlights another important part of Allbirds' company standards: sustainability. By relying on premium natural resources instead of synthetics, the shoes are able to maintain their high standard of comfort day in and day out. The company relies on ZQ-certified merino wool, which meets strict sustainable farming and animal welfare standards, according to the Allbirds website. And as a natural resource, wool requires less energy to produce than comparable synthetic materials, meaning these these shoes have less of a negative impact on the environment from a production standpoint. Likewise, the Smallbirds line of shoes has a smaller carbon footprint than many of their competitor brands. For eco-conscious parents in particular, the Smallbirds shoes may be a good choice when it comes to their children's footwear.

For shoes that are comfortable, kid-friendly, and environmentally sound, the Smallbirds line looks like a hit. After all, shoes should facilitate play and activity for children. With any luck, your kids will forget they are even wearing them and focus on the real task at hand: playing and exploring the world.

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