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Allison Holker & Stephen 'tWitch' Boss Know The Value Of A Kid Blowing Their Own Nose

Amid the milestones kids hit, one particularly monumental leap forward stands out during flu season: the moment your kid can get their own snot out of their nostrils. "God bless our son Maddox, he just learned to actually, officially, like really blow his nose, so that has been incredibly helpful,” says Stephen 'tWitch Boss,' on the line with Allison Holker to Romper. The So You Think You Can Dance all-stars (tWitch is also the DJ on The Ellen Show) have three children together aged 11, 3, and 3 months, so they know the value of tissues. And hand-washing: "Our kids love each other so they’re usually all over each other, so just making sure those hands are clean is a really — just really big — situation," tWitch says. Co-sign.

I like to imagine that Allison and tWitch bat germs away in a choreographed hip-hop dance a la their Instagram, but the truth is, they're relying on tissues, cold medicine, and hand sanitizer like the rest of us. Because while germs can really take you and your responsibilities down, it doesn't put a pause on parenting. Nothing does, and the couple knows that. "As working parents we can do a million different things at the same time," tWitch says, noting that taking time to sit down and have time with his kids without multitasking is key for him. "Sometimes when days are a little more hectic than others, for me I really have to rely on those little, small moments in those 15 to 20-minute increments that we have together to kind of give undivided attention."

Allison chimes in: "It’s not always about the quantity of time, but more of the quality of time."

“Literally just be a kid with your kids,” tWitch says "We’re such advocates for people to get up, get moving, get in fitness, whatever you feel like doing that brings you some joy — but get involved and do it."

This is also how I look when I'm throwing tissues and slinging cough medicine in the night. Photo: Allison Holker & Stephen "tWitch" Boss

The couple has taken this advice to heart with their Instagram dance videos, which is why we should all start formally calling them Mom and Dad Tik Tok. The two are partnering with Mucinex to create a #beatthezombiefunk challenge. Participants in the #beatthezombiefunk challenge (just replicate the moves on Tik Tok and use the hashtag) have a chance to win a cash prize of $1000 or a VIP experience courtesy of Mucinex.

I like to imagine the VIP experience is a room teeming with fully-sanitized objects and a bed so you can take an uninterrupted nap, but you know, dancing your way through cold and flu season could give you some energy, too. And so will your own nose-blowing kid.