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Amanda's Age When She Had Children Doesn't Matter & 'Bachelor' Fans Are Speaking Out

Bachelor contestant Amanda Stanton was not a teen mom when she gave birth to her two crazy adorable little girls. She was 22 and 24 years old respectively. So there. All of that aside, though, Amanda's age when she had children doesn't matter — and fans of The Bachelor are now speaking out to say as much.

Olivia Caridi, a fellow contestant (and for those in the know, the Bachelor season 20 villain we all love to dis), insulted the mother of two on Monday night's episode by saying, "I feel like I'm watching an episode of Teen Mom." Amanda had been discussing her co-parenting with her ex-husband, which is clearly a super-unusual thing for a single mother of two little girls to discuss. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the awesome one-on-one date Amanda had just enjoyed in a hot air balloon with sexy Bachelor Ben Higgins.

Reaction amongst the contestants was swift and harsh. They confronted Ben for a reaction and he did a perfect impression of the 'Aw, gee whiz ladies, can't you all just yearn for me in peace?' face. Amanda, however, called Olivia out like the grown-up gal she is. "[Isn't] it common sense to not tell someone they remind you of, like, a Teen Mom episode?"

But in reality, does it really matter? Even if Amanda had been a teen mom... so? Does she love her kids? Is she a good mom (whatever that means)? Her kids look pretty happy if her Instagram is to be believed and I've decided I totally believe it.

So yeah, kids are adorbs. She seems pretty together in the way that any reality TV star seems "together" if properly edited, I guess. So what difference does it make if she had her kids when she was 22 or 16?

Farrah Abraham, an actual, for real, former teen mom, had this to say to of Olivia's comments, during an interview with Us Weekly on Tuesday:

Now you can see why it's offensive of others to judge someone's parenting drama no matter what age. The women on The Bachelor got a dose of the Teen Mom bad stigma.
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However, Abraham didn't just go after Olivia. The former Teen Mom subject was critical of fellow mom's Amanda's reaction reaction as well, telling Us Weekly in the same interview,

If you are dealing with Teen Mom issues like custody and such, maybe it's best not to go looking for a new man like on The Bachelor. Maybe Olivia had a point.

You know what? No. Olivia didn't have a point. Custody issues aren't exactly Teen Mom specific. People get divorced, they have trouble with their exes. Even the grown-up moms. Olivia's "point" was that she was feeling a bit pouty because Amanda got to go on a sweet one-on-one date with Ben. So she lashed out in the best possible way to get a reaction. Mom stuff is always a surefire hit to the gut.

Thankfully, Bachelor fans themselves seemed to understand things a little bit better, taking to Twitter to post their own feelings on the matter:

My two cents? I sort of wish Amanda had just let it go. Getting her panties in a wad over being called a teen mom seemed a bit defensive and insensitive to actual teen moms. She should have just smiled over her glass of vino and used the three little words my grandmother taught me to diffuse all awkward situations: "Stop embarrassing yourself." Works every time.