Yup, I'm Concerned For Amber & Matt From 'MAFS' & This Exclusive Clip Shows Why

If it were up to the fans, Matt Gwynne and Amber Bowles from Married at First Sight Season 9 would not end up together. After a month of stressful misunderstandings and Matt's inability to commit to anything but head nods, the couple went through Recommitment Day, a mid-check which gave each pair of newlyweds an escape if they wanted to leave their marriage before Decision Day. Ultimately, Amber and Matt chose to stick it out and make some changes. However, the couple has a long road ahead of them, and now in this exclusive clip, Amber and Matt from MAFS are in even more danger of losing their chemistry.

The clip starts with a shot of Amber and Matt as they sit down with Dr. Viviana Coles to discuss the status of their marriage. The couple seems to be all smiles as Dr. Viviana asks them how they're doing.

"You guys pushed us in the right direction and helped us realize we needed to slow down a little bit," Matt says in the clip. "At least temporarily."

Dr. Viviana then asks Matt about what he means by "slow down," and the couple's clarification isn't exactly the update she expects.

"We're not having sex right now," Amber states.

The instant Amber makes the reveal, everything changes, and Dr. Viviana's face says it all — Matt and Amber may have taken a step in the wrong direction.

"Now, I wanted to start off with applauding y'all," Dr. Viviana says to the couple. "You've shown that you are staying home. You are spending that quality time together. It sounds like you're communicating more than you have been."

Nevertheless, the MAFS relationship and sex expert explains there is concern with taking away "sensual or sexual intimacy," and the couple must understand this is another obstacle they must overcome in their marriage. Dr. Viviana then poses a few important questions. "Y'all aren't having any sexual intercourse," she says. "Are y'all having affection and sensuality? I mean, are y'all kissing? Are you hugging? Are you cuddling? Is there any naked time?"

Amber and Matt look visibly uncomfortable. But Matt responds, "We haven't for the last couple of days on purpose... just to see if that's not happening, is there anything else there?"

Dr. Viviana expresses joy over the couple's communication and ability to agree with one another. However, the decision not to display any affection could be cause for worry. She asks, "Is there a concern that if you don't dip into those waters, that y'all could lose chemistry?"

Suddenly, the music picks up. Amber nods and gazes back at Matt. Meanwhile, Matt lets out a deep breath as the clip fades to black. Looks like it's not all smooth sailing after Recommitment Day.

For now, it's hard to tell whether or not Matt and Amber end up together after the Lifetime series wraps up. But clearly, they have a long journey ahead of them before the MAFS finale. Let's just hope they listen to the show's experts and viewers see some changes soon.

Married at First Sight Season 9 airs Wednesday nights at 8:30 p.m. ET on Lifetime.