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Amber Tamblyn's Photo Of Marlow Is Just Too Much

In case you missed it, (and really, with this new political climate, who could blame you?) Amber Tamblyn has officially given birth to a baby girl. Tamblyn, 33, and husband David Cross, 52, announced the birth of their daughter via Instagram last month, but since then have kept pretty quiet on any other details about their little one. But now, as Tamblyn shares a new baby photo of daughter Marlow, she's also melting all of America's hearts at the same time.

Initially, the couple teased the name of their daughter on Instagram, joking that they had dubbed her "Dauphinoise Petunia Brittany Scheherazade Von Funkinstein Mustard Witch RBG Cross Tamblyn-Bey jr." Since then, Tamblyn has revealed her daughter's actual name, Marlow, and husband Cross also shared a sweet photo of mother and daughter all bundled up, but this is the first time either have shared a solo photo of the baby herself, in all her adorable glory.

Cross shared the below photo on Instagram Monday afternoon, with the caption, "Somehow my wife gave birth to a 55 year old furrier from Crown Heights. I'm investigating." Tamblyn reposted the photo to her own Instagram account, providing a double dose of adorable. "My daughter is growing her payos out nicely," she wrote. "Good morning, world! Marlow loves you!" The photo features little Marlow looking up at the camera, and giving a subtle grin.

As people familiar with the couple are well aware, Tamblyn and Cross are both brilliant, kind, and hilarious actors — and they're pretty badass parents too. (Marlow has some great genes going for her.) Since the 2016 presidential election, Tamblyn has been very outspoken in her political beliefs — and that activism has earned both her and Marlow some love: A few weeks after her birth, the newborn and her mom received a letter from former presidential candidate and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, with Clinton wishing little Marlow well.

In an earlier essay for Glamour, Tamblyn — then pregnant with Marlow — also shared some of her own heartbreaking insight on misogyny, women's rights, and the future of the nation as well as how it might affect her daughter, asking herself and her readers,

I think constantly about the world I am bringing [my daughter] into. Will I get a phone call from my daughter someday, one she never wanted to make? Will I have to share with her my story, and the story of her great-grandmother’s words to her grandmother? Is it possible to protect her from inheriting this pain? How much do I have to do, as a daughter and a soon-to-be mother, to change not just the conversation about how women are seen, but the language with which conversations are spoken in?

Obviously, little Marlow has some great parents. Both Cross and Tamblyn are aware of the world she's living in and are ready to raise her as a kickass feminist in her own right. And it doesn't hurt that she'll likely have a killer sense of humor like them too.