Fans Are Looking For 'Married At First Sight' Clues On Social Media

The weddings are over on Married At First Sight and fans have gotten an extended preview of the events to come on the season. Of course, all of the couples are going to have their own drama. Keith and Iris are going to have to discuss how her virginity affects their marriage, but it seems like Matt and Amber are going to have the most unexpected issues. So you might be wondering where to find Amber's instagram after Married At First Sight to try and see if it provides clues about the couple's future.

Sadly, Amber doesn't appear to have an Instagram or Twitter account. Matt also doesn't have much of a social presence. He hasn't tweeted since 2017 and his Instagram account is locked. But it's probably best that the couple is keeping their personal lives off of social media for now because part of their journey might involve Matt going out with another girl and Twitter is probably going to have a lot of feels about it as the drama unfolds. No matter if the Twitterverse is on your side in the conflict or not, handling a barrage of tweets or Instagram comments full of opinions about your personal life is overwhelming.

I'm actually hoping that the intensity of this conflict is contrived a little bit by producers because Matt and Amber had such a promising start. They have undeniable chemistry, even if it is a little bit awkward. Amber can't stop kissing her new husband. As she says in the video below, "I'm kissing my husband quite a bit because he's so hot, and I feel bad because like, I should not be this forward. But he is so cute and like, I just can't stop."

Matt gets more comfortable with Amber's bold moves as the day goes on, and he told Reality TV With Bee that he knows exactly why it was a little bit awkward. "I don’t mind physical affection, but I don’t like to do it in public. Also, we had just met. It was a bit much for me at first, but she had just met me and didn’t know I’m not into PDA." Part of what makes Married At First Sight such an interesting journey to watch is that to succeed involves the exact compromise Matt was willing to make on his wedding day.

Both Amber and Matt seemed completely committed to making their marriage work before they met because they had seen their parents' marriages to each other fail. Matt didn't even invite his family to his wedding. "I just hope that my future wife and her family understand the situation I’m in, and also I hope that they understand that I think family is important," he said on the show. "I believe in marriage, and I want this to last forever."

Amber told People, “I’m so ready to start my forever.” They're using the same good F word, they have the physical attraction aspect down, plus they share a love for basketball. It seems like a match made in heaven — I just hope the cheating scandal doesn't break them apart.