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America Ferrera Opens Up About Her First Trimester With Baby #2 In Uplifting IG Post

It's no secret that the early weeks of pregnancy are often the most uncomfortable. Even without the added weight and girth of a growing belly, the nausea, exhaustion, and overall sense of being unwell that come with the first three months of pregnancy can take a lot out of a person. For example, America Ferrera recently opened up about her first trimester and how tired she was. But in her candid Instagram post, the actress also sent an encouraging message to her followers to be kind to themselves.

Ferrera announced her pregnancy with husband Ryan Piers Williams on New Year's Eve with a touching photo shared to Instagram with the caption “Welcoming Baby #2 in 2020! Happy New Year from our wild & growing bunch.” Ferrera and Williams have been married since 2011, according to People, and already share son Sebastian, known as "Baz" who was born in May of 2018.

With her second child, Ferrera recently opened up about how her first trimester of pregnancy impacted her workout routine and her attitude towards herself. In a post shared on Instagram, along with a photo showing her mid-workout, Ferrera explained how she's been feeling. “Soooooooo hard to workout through the nausea & exhaustion of my first trimester!!!” she wrote. “I would walk into the gym and nap for 10 minutes on the massage table before I started. Some weeks I’d only muster 1 workout or I’d miss the week entirely, but I refused to feel like I had failed.”

Ferrera went on to explain the commitments she has made to herself this year. “Through this pregnancy I’m equally committed to feeling strong AND being kind to myself,” she wrote, before encouraging her followers to “be kind to yourself” as they work on fitness goals of their own with the new year. “Celebrate your intentions and meet yourself where you’re at with compassion for everything you’re asking of yourself,” she added. “Go get it!”

There's a lot of pressure on moms before, during, and after pregnancy and Ferrera makes an important point about the need to be kind to yourself throughout. While there is certainly merit in making fitness goals and striving to stay healthy throughout pregnancy, the pressure to do so can be dangerous. Remaining kind to yourself and leaving plenty of wiggle room is key, as Ferrera has explained. Don't forget those parts when making New Year's resolutions.