two american girl dolls in #thankyouheroes scrubs
American Girl

Here's How To Dress Your American Girl Doll In Scrubs & Say #ThankYouHeroes

Through the magic of play, American Girl has given kids the chance to be everything from pioneers to Olympic gymnasts... and now, to frontline workers. American Girl's #ThankYouHeroes Doll Scrubs Outfit is a way for kids to imagine what life is like for First Responders while your purchase benefits the families of these real-life heroes.

For every one of these super-cute outfits sold, AG will donate a title from their doll activity book series to the First Responders Children’s Foundation (up to $135,000 in retail value), which provides support to the children of frontline workers, an AG spokesperson tells Romper. You'll probably want to check out the books too, especially if you need something to keep your kid busy this summer (which, doesn't everybody?). As for the American Girl #ThankYouHeroes Doll Scrubs Outfit (American Girl, $24), well, it’s everything that you would expect from an AG doll outfit. It includes a pair of pink scrubs pants and a paint-splatter scrubs top, a pair of light blue slip-on shoes "comfortable enough for a long shift," and a fabric face mask. Outfits won't start shipping until early August but they're available for pre-order now, and they're only available while supplies last (which probably won't be too long).

American Girl

Starting in mid-June, American Girl is giving away an 18-inch doll face mask for free to children who visit the stores that have safely reopened,(again, while supplies last). But if you’re still skeptical about going into stores with your kiddo, you can always craft the mask at home, thanks to the brand’s free DIY doll mask video on the Stay & Play section of the company’s site.

American Girl

And if you’ve ever wondered what you (or your loved one) might look like as an American Girl doll, now’s your chance. As a part of their “Heroes With Heart” contest, AG fans can submit the name of a hero who is helping their community during this difficult time. The company will pick five winners who will receive an American Girl doll customized to look just like the hero (along with an outfit, of course). The child who nominates the hero also gets a $200 American Girl gift card. The contest runs through June 26; winners will be announced in August.

By buying the American Girl #ThankYouHeroes Scrubs, you’re not just giving your kid another outfit to dress up their doll. You’re helping your child understand why we wear masks, why it’s important to recognize others for their hard work and sacrifice, and why working together matters so much. And that takes playing and dressing up dolls to an entirely new (and delightful) level.