Amy Duggar King and husband, Dillon King, have been enjoying their time with their newborn since wel...
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Moms Love Amy Duggar's Candid Breastfeeding Photo Of Herself "Completely Worn Out"

Amy Duggar welcomed her first child, an adorable son named Daxton, early last month. Since then, the new mom has shared some lovely glimpses into this new chapter of her life. And most recently, Duggar shared a breastfeeding photo with her fans on Instagram that's both really beautiful and oh-so-relatable.

Duggar shared the sweet photo of herself holding her baby boy on Tuesday, Nov. 5, almost exactly one month to the day that she gave birth. In the photo, Duggar, wearing no makeup and her hair in a ponytail, can be seen cuddled underneath two blankets with a cup of tea in one hand and her other hand wrapped around her son who's breastfeeding. Meanwhile, a cup of water rests on her leg and remotes are placed on her lap. It's a photo that captures that new mom exhaustion just perfectly.

"Pretty poses, makeup, and photoshoots are great, but it's not real," Duggar captioned the photo, also revealing that her mom was the one who captured the moment. "Life isn't perfect and I don't want the people who follow me to think that! So this is the real me, in real time, living my best life! Hot tea in hand, ice water leaned up against me, half dressed and completely worn out!"

Duggar's followers definitely related to her post, with one writing that the photo was "Motherhood at its finest. This picture is priceless." Another added, "Absolutely beautiful! I remember those days." One more chimed in, "Postpartum at its finest! Enjoy that fourth trimester even if it’s super exhausting!"

Duggar and her husband Dillon King welcomed their son on Oct. 9 and in the weeks since then, Duggar has shared some adorable photos of their son on Instagram. Some of him dressed up in different outfits and some of him placed in different formal poses. But the photo she shared this week is one of the first times Duggar has shared such a candid moment of herself with Daxton, which her fans certainly loved. As one commented, "Nothing more beautiful than a Momma and her babe."

Over the past month, Duggar has been pretty reserved when it comes to sharing too much about her son. The captions of the photos she posts to Instagram are simple and don't reveal too much about her son, but that's intentional. In a recent Instagram post, Duggar shared that she is "not really that sorry" that she has been "missing in action" recently on social media.

"I'm a new mama and I'm soaking it all in!," she captioned the photo. "His smiles, running on two hours of sleep, the late night diaper changes, early morning feedings, and just how perfect he is! Everything else can just wait..for a little while longer, until then I'll be over just loving on this guy."

Amy Duggar is clearly loving life as a new mom with Daxton and it's always a treat when she shares a candid moment. But hopefully her next post is an update that she's been able to clock in some much-needed zzz's. A mom can dream, right?