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Amy Duggar's 1-Week-Old Son Is On Instagram & Already Has Over 23,000 Followers

It's been exactly a week since Amy Duggar and her husband Dillon King welcomed their first child together. Since that exciting day, they've been sharing updates about their lives as new parents on Instagram. And they're not the only ones: Amy Duggar's baby boy has an Instagram account and is quickly racking up followers of his own.

Duggar welcomed their son, Daxton Ryan King, on Wednesday, Oct. 9, via a scheduled C-section, according to Us Weekly. And, of course, a lot has changed since then. Their little family has grown from two to three, their feeding, sleeping, and every day schedules have been turned upside down, and they're also managing a brand new social media account.

On Wednesday, Duggar shared the sweetest post on Instagram in honor of her son turning one week old. "Around this time on Wednesday I was being prepped for surgery...a little nervous but so excited to meet you!," she wrote in a message to her son. "The moment they placed you on my chest my life had new meaning! This has been the best week ever! Mommy and daddy are completely in love with you Daxton Ryan!"

The new mom also tagged her son in the photo of her, taken right after she gave birth. Yep, Duggar has made an Instagram handle for her son, and his username is @daxrking.

Daxton's Instagram account already has three posts, and it definitely seems like there are more to come. Duggar has used his account to share photos and videos from the hospital after she gave birth, and as a way to update fans about Daxton's first bath (spoiler alert: he wasn't a huge fan of it). And although he may only be just seven days old, Daxton already has more than 20,000 Instagram followers to his name. Pretty impressive for a newborn.

Daxton's Instagram account is a pretty big deal for those who know the Duggar family well. The Duggars have some strict rules when it comes to things like social media. Children in the Duggar family are typically not allowed to have their own Instagram accounts because it could be "impure" and have to wait until they are engaged to get their own accounts. But in 2018, Jessa Duggar dispelled this "rule" in an Instagram caption, according to In Touch Weekly. Jessa wrote that it's "not a rule, just a coincidence" for her siblings to get an Instagram account once they begin courting.

But Amy Duggar isn't like exactly her famous cousins. According to Us Weekly, she was raised a bit differently than them, so some of their stricter rules, even the ones including social media, haven't applied to her. She is clearly raising her son her own way, which entails letting him have his own Instagram account as an infant.

In an Instagram post, the proud mom revealed that she made Daxton his own Instagram account so he wouldn't have to worry about his Instagram handle being taken when he gets older. What a sweet mama.

So rest easy, Duggar fans — you can follow Daxton's Instagram account and make sure you're updated on all of the very exciting moments in his very new life.