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Pregnant Amy Duggar Is Paying Tribute To Her Grandma Mary

It is always tough to lose someone you love, no matter what. Always tough to say goodbye and especially so when you weren't expecting it. This is the case with Duggar matriarch Mary Duggar, the mother of 19 Kids & Counting star Jim Bob Duggar and grandmother to the 19 children he shares with wife Michelle. But those were not the only grandchildren Mary left behind when she died in June. She also left behind granddaughter Amy King, one of the many members of the family who are expecting a baby this fall. And Amy Duggar's sweet tribute to Grandma Mary is a testament to the enduring bond she shared with the special woman.

Amy Duggar and her husband Dylan King are expecting their first child in a few months, some time around November. As excited as this first time mom is to welcome a baby, her happy news is tinged with a little sadness. In June, her grandmother Mary died as a result of an accidental drowning in her backyard pool at her home in Springdale, Arkansas, as per USA Today. The news was a shock to the entire family, of course, and unfortunately came at a time when the Duggars were experiencing a baby boom; as of the beginning of August, five Duggar women are expecting babies including Amy. And as the 3130 clothing boutique owner noted in a recent Instagram post, Mary Duggar was pretty excited about it. Excited enough to buy her granddaughter Amy a maternity dress.

As Amy shared in her Instagram post, it seems she and her grandmother had found a special dress while shopping together:

This dress has special meaning.. my Gma and I went shopping in June. We found this beautiful dress... but decided it was a little pricey so I told her " let's wait on it!" My mom and Gma came over the next night for dinner and yep you guessed it... she had bought me that dress! I was so surprised!

She went on to note that, in the wake of her grandmother's death in June, she wasn't quite ready to take the dress out of her closet. Amy needed to take time to adjust to this "new life without her." Now, however, she is ready not only to wear the dress, but to do a maternity shoot in it as a tribute to her grandma. A woman she clearly adored enough to share a special birthday message to her in May where she referred to Mary as a "gem."

Amy isn't the only member of the Duggar family to pay tribute to Mary, of course. The entire Duggar family honored her memory on social media in their own way. But, as Jessa Duggar noted in an Instagram post featuring Mary holding her new baby Ivy (who happened to share Mary's birthday), it's a shame she will not be here to meet the new little babies of the family:

She was so excited about the many new great-grandbabies due this coming fall and winter, and it never got old for her.

It's a shame for Amy Duggar as well, but at least she had one last gift to share from the grandmother who loved her. That is, after all, something special.