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Baby Gene Celebrates Amy Schumer's Emmy Nomination With The Tiniest Fist Pump — PHOTO

Amy Schumer has a lot to be thankful for these days and don't worry, she totally knows it. The actress and comedian is enjoying life as a new mom to her adorable baby boy, Gene, who was born on May 5, and her career has never looked better. In fact, Amy Schumer just received an Emmy nomination for Growing, her Netflix stand-up comedy special, and celebrated the moment with a photo of baby Gene giving the cutest little fist pump. Because why not teach gratitude as early as possible, right?

On Tuesday, July 16, it was announced that the Trainwreck actress had been nominated for an Emmy award, specifically an Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special award for her Netflix special Growing. In this one-hour special, Schumer gets as real as you could ever want a person to be about the realities of marriage, being pregnant, and just being a woman trying to figure out her place in this world.

Schumer was expecting her first baby with her chef husband Chris Fischer when she was filming the special, so she definitely had a lot of material to pull from. And now that she has been given the official Emmy nomination seal of approval, she knows exactly who to turn to for a celebration.

On Tuesday evening, Schumer shared two photos to her Instagram feed to show her gratitude for her Emmy nomination. The first one is the best, in my opinion. In the photo, she is feeding baby Gene his bottle while he is very clearly fist pumping in exaltation. Because, as Schumer admits in her caption, Gene was on stage with her during filming: "We are very proud of being EMMY nominated for our @netflixisajoke special #GROWING as we were both on stage during filming! Very proud and excited."

Schumer's second photo is an homage to her marriage to Fischer, who she thanked in the caption and noted he truly seems to enjoy the sound of her voice. "Thank you everyone who voted and to my husband who wants me to never stop talking," she captioned the photo.

I don't want to pass judgment or anything but it's possible she was wrong about Fischer since he is covering her mouth in the photo and looking exhausted. As someone who never stops talking myself, I know this look all too well.

Schumer's Emmy nomination isn't the only thing she has taken to social media to celebrate in the past few days. On Sunday, for instance, she took to Instagram to share some ecstatic selfies with her husband in honor of her big announcement. As she captioned the photo, "First period in a year!"

If you're not going to show gratitude for the little things like your period, how are you going to feel thankful for the big things like an Emmy nomination?

Clearly Amy Schumer is a woman who understands the value of gratitude. And it looks like she's passing it along to her son. I mean, how great is it that baby Gene is just 2 months old and he's already fist pumping with joy over his mom's success? Although I didn't see him celebrating her first period... he's going to have to work on that one.