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Amy Schumer's Emoji-Filled Insta Post Is Full Of New Mom Feels

It's been nearly two months since Amy Schumer and husband Chris Fischer welcomed their first and only child into the world. Schumer shared much of her pregnancy with followers, getting real about the struggles she faced as she battled hyperemisis gravidarum. The sharing didn't stop after baby Gene was born, either; the comedian continues to be open with her fans about long nights, breastfeeding, and some just plain adorable moments. On Sunday, Schumer gushed over baby Gene on Instagram, and fans couldn't get enough of the sweet snapshot.

In the photo, posted to Schumer's Instagram, Gene can be seen resting on his mother's chest seemingly asleep. Shumer, meanwhile, is looking straight at the camera with no makeup on, her hair undone, and a slight smirk. Schumer skipped the elaborate caption, instead opting to let emojis do the talking. The actress used a crying face, and four red hearts to gush about her cuddly baby boy, and fans loved it. Commenters called the snapshot "sweet," while others said Schumer "never looked more beautiful."

"What a sweet tiny human," one commenter wrote.

"It's almost like all the puking was worth it," another said.

"A thousand words and so much emotion comes through loud and clear. Congratulations," a third person commented.

Schumer's life has changed drastically since she welcomed her baby boy, and nothing illustrated that better than a text exchange between Schumer and Hollywood BFF Jennifer Lawrence. The I Feel Pretty star shared the texts on her Instagram Story, according to Buzzfeed.

Lawrence, 28, texted Schumer with questions about Handmaid's Tale, and was impatient in getting a response from the busy new mom. Lawrence shot Schumer a "You up?" text, before firing off her show-related questions. Per Buzzfeed's reporting, when Schumer didn't immediately reply, Lawrence asked, "Are you asleep bc of the baby??? Are you asleep before 11? Is this bc of the baby?"

Every mom knows sleep is precious in those first few months, and you've got to get it in when you can. Eventually Schumer replied, assuring her pal that she was very much awake, and all was right with the world again. After answering Lawrence's pressing Handmaid's Tale questions, she joked about her friends "keeping their cool about me having a baby" on Instagram. Again, relatable.

Motherhood hasn't been all joy for Schumer, unfortunately. Like many moms, she's had to deal with mom-shaming, but she handled it like an absolute boss. Schumer took a brief break from maternity leave to return to the stage two weeks after baby Gene was born, according to HuffPost. Some fans seemed to think this was unforgivable, and felt the need to express that to Schumer. "Jesus, Amy. Let the stitches dissolve first," one nasty comment read. Fortunately the seasoned comedian was quick to quip back and shut the shaming down.

"And...here comes the mom shaming.....ughhhhhhhhhh," the actress replied. I've always wanted to be mom shamed!"

In true Schumer fashion, she went on to post an update specifically for her shamers the next day.

The smiling mom posted a picture of herself sitting up in bed, wiping sleep from her eyes while pumping breast milk. The caption read:

"Sending out love to the moms shaming me for doing standup last night! #tinystairs #schumerpumprules."

Being a mom isn't easy, especially the first time around, but Schumer has handled it like a pro. She's given fans a real look at what it's like, whether that means posting about the upsides or the downsides. What separates Schumer from other celebrities is her rawness, which is what fans have come to love and appreciate from her.